Without a goal and a plan, it"s simply a wish.I wish ns made an ext money, ns wish i had an ext time, ns wish mine cousin would gain a job and also move out of mine basement

For as long as I can remember I"ve had a "Vision Board".I actually "cut" or "print" the end visions of mine future and also pin them come a board in my house office.I have one over the winter in my bathroom.I stare at the every day.My wife keeps she vision board on her phone, she calls that Pinterest.I"m an ext old fashion, I choose to touch my vision.

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Recently, ns was carried out a training/goal setting session through a new Agent and I ask, "what space your financial objectives with this job path?"The answer, I desire to be able to take a family vacation and my wife quit functioning (if she wants to).I merely stated, the sounds more like a wish.You have to be an ext specific, would you like to do $500 a month, $5,000, $50,000 or more?He said, "$5,000 would certainly be great."To which ns replied, you set your objectives too low.

Last week i was readingWealth Attraction in the new Economy by Dan Kennedy.There to be one passage that stood out.Kennedy talked around how society loves come blame the wealthy for all its problems.That many people feel it’s naturally wrong to have a desire for wealth. Come which I claimed to myself, "those are civilization that aren"t act anything to develop wealth because that themselves."

Money is important due to the fact that it’s a car for gaining what you desire in life.Nobody is walking togive youthat house on the coast or a dream holidays or open a homeless shelter in her name.

To obtain it, you have to EARN it

Here"s a an easy thought, "they have actually my money".All the money you have ever before had or ever before will have actually is v someone else right now, so let"s go acquire it. Come me, money is about flexibility.Having lots of it method having a selection with what you deserve to do.It presents you with an opportunity to accomplish any dream, indigenous a beach residence to becoming a philanthropist.

Did you wake up in a an excellent mood this morning, or a good mood?I always wake up in a great mood.Sure we all have actually life problem we are dealing with, things in ours control, things out of our control... But one point we have regulate over is our attitude.Attitude is 90% of her success, even if it is it"s relationships, task or your entrepreneur ventures.Attitude is it!

For those of you that have been adhering to along, wellness Alliance Network recently gotten in into an commitment with Keller Williams (the world"s biggest real heritage sales company) through 160,000 agents in the U.S. To administer our Health setup to your agents.

I recently had actually the good fortune of studying what their most successful agents do to accomplish $100,000,000 in sales, correct that has actually 9 zeros, and there are good number of agents hitting that goal.

What"s the Secret?

The 1-3-5 Rule

For ours agents (and readers) not connected with Keller Williams Realty, I’m sure you’re wondering how successful this dominion has been. Well, I deserve to say it’s helped propel Keller Williams teams forward, in terms of sales and also volume to the height performers in the U.S… dramatically. Ben K (a BoomTown client) is one mega certified dealer who provides the 1-3-5 rule. Today, that earns the genuine Trends top 25 Teamnationwide. (to refresh her memory, one more 100 million disagreement earner)

So, exactly how do world like Ben K begin the 1-3-5 rule? castle ask us a question: “How lot money perform I desire to make?” This commonly translates into a variety of closings they have to attain (or in our case, plans offered or agents enrolled). Because that you, the question can be any kind of aspiration. Network income, transactions, better work-life balance, retire next year — whichever.

Choose1 goal

Now, youbrainstorm 3 strategiesto achieve your 1 goal. If you need a refresher on strategies inspect our myincubadoradeartistas.comor her Agent Office.Good strategy explains how you, challenged with competition (or obstacles), will achieve superior performance.

Next,build 5 tacticsto implement her 3 strategies. If her strategy is come sell much more individual or group plans, a tactic could be cold calling on tiny or medium size companies in your community, after every everyone needs healthcare and most tiny business can"t purchased to offer healthcare, however you and also I understand that ours plans are affordable through anyone, and also I average anyone. Define which plot are necessary to lug out the strategy. Use your strategy together a guiding principle everyday to lug your score closer.

Managing your Time to with Goals

The 1-3-5 ascendancy is designed come aim your activities, so her time is fine spent. However having a goal setting template won’t perform any good if you’re not holding yourself accountable. The like new Year’s resolutions. We all to speak a resolution, but only a portion of us actually carry them out (or survive the totality year). Come reach your goals, you require a few things:

1. Link short-term realities to irreversible goals.

A lot of people set ambitious goals, and also often those goals will take months come accomplish. Keeping your search (to the goal) gets tough when the so much out and also you don’t check out results. Identify short-term wins to keep you motivated for the long game. If you’re looking to close $10,000in sales, what space some monthly benchmarks.

2. Setup a goal is both enhancement and subtraction.

Any goal, any kind of strategy has actually you act very details tasks. Periodically these tasks add on to other responsibilities you currently have. Prior to you begin your journey, make certain to cut out unnecessary jobs (that don’t add to her goal). This frees up your time to actually accomplish your 3 strategies and 5 tactics.

3. Have actually a mechanism of accountability.

We all need a drill sergeant to get our ass moving. For few of us, we can do it ourselves. However for others, if you need a tiny push, collection up a system of accountability. This can range from reminders on your calendar to time blocking. Girlfriend can also grab a buddy (or workmate) to inspect on your achievements. This will make certain you can’t shy away from your goal, or create any excuses.

4. Be prepared to obtain your boots dirty.

Hitting a goal way trekking through the battlefield, clawing your way through obstacles, and getting come the end up line. It’s a floor war, no an waiting war. No every day will certainly be pretty, and also some work you might even loss behind. However keep functioning at it. Don’t let failure become a habit.Make her habit success, because success always breeds success.

Recently, I had actually the chance to talk to Stephen C, who is among the peak 10 Keller Williams teams worldwide. What he tells his genuine estate agents is “time block, time block, time block.” regularly his sales staff have the right to get recorded in the stream of managing clients, however they often forget to take care of their leads.

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(If friend want much more on where to acquire leads, hear to ours October 10, 2018 conference call, 15 leader in 15 Minutes)There needs to be an same balance. The exact same goes because that goals.

If you looking for an additional income stream, or also a new career, reach out to me come discuss opportunities in health Care.No license required, we run in all 50 states. Email me SteveUtley