A new data policy has Comcast customers threatening to cancel their subscriptions for good.

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Comcast is walk to lid data through charges over the cap, potentially making doing business out of the home and binge the town hall Netflix more expensive for locals. Comcast claims the policy change is around fairness; customers say it"s around greed.

Comcast recently sent the end email alerts to customers in Shreveport establishing a 300 GB monthly limit for data usage. Individuals who exceed the limit will be fee for added chunks the data, at a price of $10 every 50 GB unit. For those that don"t want to watch their data usage, Comcast supplies an unlimited data plan for secondary $35 a month.

Common uses of data encompass Internet-based video streaming such together Netflix, digital gaming and downloading services for music, photos or video. Shreveport is just one of only about a dozen cities whereby the data cap trials room taking place. Comcast representatives stated the policy was produced so those that splurge ~ above data will certainly pay more.

Is it fair because that Comcast to fee for limitless data?

Alex Horwitz, vice chairman of public connections for Comcast"s southern Region, stated the mean customer uses about 40 GB the data per month. The data usage of around 92 percent of Comcast customers falls below the 300 GB threshold so very couple of customers will certainly be influenced by the plan change, Horwitz said.

"Three hundreds GB is an extremely big amount of data," Horwitz claimed in an email. "Customers who commonly exceed 300 GB a month are doing things prefer downloading big libraries that HD video, backing up big amounts that data come cloud servers, engaging in some peer-to-peer document sharing or to run servers or a little business out of your homes."

John Schurman, the current technology director at Shreveport ar Church, is just one of the "few" that will be impacted by the plan change. Also a freelance graphic artist running an online service from home, Schurman estimates he uses at the very least 500 GB that data a month.

"When you"re handling multimedia, once I"m relocating a file, occasionally that"s 100 GB simply to carry out my job," Schurman said. "An added $35 a month for countless data, the would dual my current bill."

Schurman additionally warned larger numbers of individuals will be impacted by the data cap in the near future, when video will it is in streamed in a greater definition called 4K, i beg your pardon will usage much higher levels that data. Also called Ultra High Definition, 4K was named for photo width of 4,000 pixels, which create sharper and an ext engaging images.

"Anyone who is a cable cutter who supplies Netflix will run through this data lid in two to three movies," Schurman said. "They"re sneaking that in right before people room going to start using an ext data."

Horwitz doubted streaming in 4K would certainly make a drastic distinction for Comcast customers. Comcast is conscious customers space upset, but Horwitz added the policy adjust is based in a principle of fairness and also aligns through services offered by various other broadband providers.

"About 10 percent of our internet customers consume almost half of every the data that travels on our network, which way that 90 percent of customers are responsible for the other half," Horwitz said. "Those who want to use more data have the right to pay more, and also those who desire to use much less data can pay less. The plans us are testing are continuous with rather in the wireline industry."

Stephen Pederson, society media manager because that the Highland repair Association, stated data caps are the most recent transgression native a agency without a reputation for great customer service.

"This is completely ridiculous," Pederson created in an email. "Our various utility providers hold us hostage for simple necessities of modern-day life, and it is a serious injustice that seems to represent an insurmountable obstacle. What deserve to we do? Is not our government in ar to safeguard us from this injustices?"

The Louisiana Public organization Commission often acts as an intermediary between disgruntled citizens and also Internet service providers. Executive, management assistant invoice Robertson claimed the commission has actually received number of calls from concerned individuals, but added the the supervisory board doesn"t have actually jurisdiction in those matters.

"We know the companies and also we occupational with them, yet Internet company is not regulated through the Public company Commission," Robertson said. "There isn"t a whole lot we have the right to do around it."

Schurman said he hopes public outrage over the new policy will increase competition.

"I am currently bound to usage their solutions as over there is no equivalent modern technology in our city," Schurman said. "Shreveport has no competitive technologies. DSL is backwards. Satellite is the worst."

Brian Crawford, chief bureaucratic officer with the mayor"s office, said the city has reached out to other providers in the past, with couple of takers due to structural costs. Crawford added customers still have options.

"They room not a monopoly. Other organization providers can come in," Crawford said. "It"s up to the consumer. There space other choices out there."

The city"s official contract v Comcast ended in 2012, however a supplication within the contract enables for a year-to-year extension. Crawford claimed the city"s non-exclusive contract with Comcast provides an commitment for the usage of the city"s right-of-ways in return for a portion of their gross subscriber revenues. Crawford included the mayor"s office has actually no regulate over Comcast"s business model or pricing guidelines.

"Mayor Tyler is conscious that there has been discussion in the community over this," Crawford said. "Mayor Tyler is having actually the expired contract the evaluation for rebirth by the city"s legitimate department for their future lease and use of the city"s right-of-ways for their infrastructure equipment."

Polls of heavy data users proved 60 percent to be interested in endless data plans roughly the $30 range, Horwitz said, but added the firm will be monitoring customers" responses and reactions to the policy change.

Those concerned around their data intake can calculation data use with the company"s Data Calculator and can likewise check your monthly data usage with the company"s Usage Meter. Horwitz claimed customers will be educated through email once they reach 90 percent of your monthly pin money an can also set up mobile and email cautions for when they with 50, 60, 70 or 80 percent of their data usage.

The adhering to letter was sent out to Comcast client Dec. 1:

An essential update about your XFINITY net serviceWe’re creating to remind you that we will certainly be trialing a brand-new XFINITY internet data arrangement in your area. Starting December 1, 2015, your monthly data plan will encompass 300 GB. Based on your current level of internet service, you will also have the choice to enroll in a flexible Data option.With the functional Data option, her Internet consumption will not be limited in any way. You’ll get a $5 credit transaction if your complete monthly Internet consumption is 5 GB or less. If girlfriend use an ext than 5 GB in any kind of month, friend won’t obtain the $5 credit and you’ll pay $1 because that every added 1 GB of data every month. For much more information or to obtain the flexible Data option, you re welcome visit our faqs or offer us a call at 1-877-807-6581.If you don’t enroll in the flexible Data option, your monthly setup will encompass 300 GB the data. Here are the details the the plan:While we believe that 300 GB is an ext than enough to accomplish your Internet intake needs, if for any reason you exceed the 300 GB included in your setup in a month, we will certainly automatically include blocks of 50 GB to her account for an additional fee that $10 each. We’re likewise implementing a three-month courtesy program. That means you will not be billed for the very first three time you exceed the 300 GB contained in the monthly data plan.

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Here space a couple of tools because that you to easily track and manage her usage:

If you have actually any added questions around the brand-new data intake plan,please view our FAQs.Thank you because that being an XFINITY net Customer.