Alternative : 1年A組のモンスター ; 1학년 A반의 몬스터 ; 1st grade, class A the monster

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1-nen A-gumi no Monster summary:

It’s rumored that class 1-A the a specific all-girls high college is hell itself, v every teacher quitting in a matter of job after being based on the girls’ abuse. Ultra-plain Jimi Taro (his name literally sounds prefer the Japanese word because that “boring/plain”) is the latest teacher because that this class however is unfazed about the challenge he’s increase against.Cute teenage design Hananaka Momo is the an initial to try and gain him to quit, going for this reason far regarding fake a sex-related harassment! Meanwhile, blackmailers, sadists and much more lurk in this classroom of pretty faces, prepared to difficulty their brand-new teacher. Yet Jimi’s motto is “virgin because that life, teacher for life,” and he’s prepared to school these girl in much more ways 보다 one!
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Chapter nameViewTime uploaded
Chapter 42.2: Sensei, will certainly You take it Responsibility? (Part 2)10,0092 day earlier
Chapter 42: Sensei, will certainly You take Responsibility? (Part 1)19,212Sep-30-21
Chapter 41: Sensei, ns don"t want to quit after ~ all!19,615Sep-16-21
Chapter 40: Sensei, have to I Quit?19,165Sep-09-21
Vol.7 chapter 39: A tiny bit that a Demon20,120Sep-05-21
Vol.7 thing 38: Sensei, This is a part-time job22,450Aug-26-21
Chapter 37: Sensei, It"s a mystery ♥45,873Aug-24-21
Chapter 36: Sensei, shouldn"t we fight?22,872Aug-21-21
Chapter 35.2: Sensei, i will never forgive you21,845Aug-18-21
Chapter 35.1: Sensei, i will never forgive you22,220Aug-14-21
Chapter 34.2: Sensei, It"s one incident25,840Aug-06-21
Chapter 34.1: Sensei, It"s one accident27,670Aug-01-21
Chapter 33: I"m just...28,233Jul-27-21
Vol.6 thing 32.2: Sensei, please don"t run27,443Jul-25-21
Vol.6 chapter 32.1: Sensei, please don"t run away.27,370Jul-24-21
Chapter 31: Teacher, Why?29,869Jul-23-21
Chapter 30: Teacher, who am I?33,050Jul-17-21
Vol.6 thing 29: Sensei, to be You always This Useless?40,253Mar-18-21
Vol.6 chapter 28: Sensei, are You Hiding Something?53,040Jan-24-21
Vol.5 thing 27: If this didn"t happen...46,302Dec-06-20
Vol.5 chapter 26: Sensei, It"s Hard, Isn"t it?44,587 Sep-29-20
Vol.5 thing 25: Sensei, deserve to You conserve Her?42,348Aug-19-20
Vol.5 thing 24: Sensei, ~ All, We"re The Same46,623Jul-13-20
Vol.5 chapter 23: Sensei, i don"t want To Be involved Anymore47,426May-29-20
Vol.5 thing 22: Sensei, it s A Jam?57,537Apr-21-20
Vol.4 chapter 21: don t You Understand...?92,262Feb-16-20
Vol.2 chapter 20: Sensei, carry out you recognize what black lilies represent?91,438Dec-31-19
Chapter 19: you Scared, Sensei?91,127Nov-19-19
Vol.2 thing 18: Sensei, what can I do?95,378Oct-05-19
Chapter 17: Sensei, you do not hate me, perform you?91,219Oct-01-19
Chapter 16: Why...102,166Jul-12-19
Chapter 15: Sensei, perform You Understand?107,851Jun-01-19
Chapter 14: Sensei, you Suck at taking care of girls109,662Apr-20-19
Chapter 13: Sensei, are You A large Fat Liar?112,572Mar-24-19
Vol.2 thing 12: Sensei, What taken place That Day?135,370Feb-17-19
Vol.2 thing 11: Sensei...135,366Jan-07-19
Chapter 10: Sensei,"hananaka" Or "me"?128,404Dec-02-18
Chapter 9: Sensei, Is it Alright This Way?131,592Oct-06-18
Chapter 8: Sensei, contact Me Cute!131,631Sep-16-18
Chapter 7: Sensei, room You for Real?139,844Aug-03-18
Chapter 6: Sensei, What space "friends"?144,420Jun-30-18
Chapter 5: 1st Grade, course A the Monster161,294Jun-28-18
Chapter 4: Sensei, Please do not Leave Me Behind149,706Jun-27-18
Chapter 3: Sensei, Please conserve Me154,756Jun-19-18
Chapter 2: Sensei, you re welcome Take Responsibility.180,914Jun-18-18
Chapter 1: I can t Stomach A Creepy Teacher choose You395,131Jun-18-18

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