Everyone loves a great Friday The 13th. And who might forget around the time-honored heritage of acquiring one the those cute lil Friday the 13th tattoos at her favorite parlor? inspect out whereby to walk to discover some mainly deals.

(Updated for december 13, 2019)


Windhorse Tattooing & arts Gallery

"$60 Friday The 13th speed designs available. An initial come, first serve. Noon to 8 P.M."

901 E. 31st. St., Kansas City, MO | direction | more Info

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The squid PARLOR & squid PARLOR EAST

"We will be giving $30, $60, and $90 designs."

3425 key Street, Kansas City, MO | directions | much more INFO521 e. 23rd St S,Independence, MO | directions | much more INFO



Midtown Tattoos

"We will certainly be act $20 tattoos and also $13 piercings every day! (Plus Tip). Flash sheets obtainable on facebook page."

3701 key Street, Kansas City, MO | directions | much more INFO



Working class Tattoo

"$30 and $60 designs available all day."

6147 Blue Ridge BLVD., Raytown, MO | directions | more INFO



Noland road Tattoo

"$31 for any tattoo turn off our themed flash sheet. Arms and legs only. If you would like to obtain something on her torso it will be an extra $20. No tradition tattoos. No exceptions. No appointments. First come, firstserved."

1212 S. Noland Rd., Independence, MO | directions | an ext INFO


"$20 Friday The 13th flash paper designs ($5 per additional color, $5 per additional shading)."

3915 Broadway Blvd., Kansas City, MO | direction | an ext info

Light Sleeper Tattoo Co.

"Special $31 and also $130 designs available. First come, first serve."

252 NE Chipman Rd., Lee"s Summit, MO | directions | an ext Info

"Special $31 speed designs available. Very first come, an initial serve."

3747 Broadway Blvd., Kansas City, MO | directions | an ext Info

"$31 design available. No color, no necks and hands. First come, first serve."

3119 Gillham Rd., Kansas City, MO | directions | much more Info

"$20 flash tattoos or carry your own style (small). Also, a BOGO special on designs $100 or more."

1219 Brooklyn Ave., Kansas City, MO | directions | an ext Info


Inkslinger"s Tattoos

"$30 because that designs the take $30 minutes. Also, $20 off your following tattoo if girlfriend buy a $100 gift certificate."

7530 Floyd St., Overland Park, KS | directions | much more Info


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