Joe F. Gurney transport Facility

Gurney transport Facility is a combined custody prison that dwellings minimum to tool security offenders. Located in Anderson County, the Gurney move Facility is co-located with Coffield, Powledge, Beto and Michael systems on over 20,500 acre of land. The facilities share plenty of resources and also run agricultural operations which rental inmates in raising cattle, poultry, and pigs, and also in running a grain and feed mill. Inmates additionally participate in growing and also harvesting edible crops.

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The present maximum volume of Gurney Unit is 2,128 masculine offenders. Gurney carry Facility is responsible because that the intake and processing of offenders from the bordering area and for real estate offenders who room in transit to new facilities. During intake inmates are given a problem abuse screening, a full criminal history is taken, and also multiple medical and also psychological assessments room conducted. Based on these assessments offenders are offered a classification and also designated a permanent facility.

Gurney carry Facility gives medical, mental health and also dental solutions to offenders. Inmates are noted the possibility to get involved in proficiency courses, adult an easy education classes and GED testing. Pre-release counseling, problem abuse education, and also various support teams and religious worship solutions are also accessible to offenders.

Visiting hrs at Gurney transport Facility:

Gurney transfer Facility conducts visitation on Saturdays and also Sundays from 8am-5pm. Family members members are enabled contact visits, friends and non-family members are limited to non-contact visits (or access time behind glass). Every visitors must be ~ above the inmate"s approved tourists list prior to they have the right to visit one inmate. Visits are up come two hrs in duration. All tourists should call the facility the Friday before they visit come ensure your offender is tho housed in ~ Gurney and is tho eligible because that visits.

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Physical Address:

Gurney transfer Facility1385 FM 3328Palestine, TX 75803


(903)-928-3118 (**094)

Inmate e-mail Address:

Inmate Name, i would Number​Gurney move Facility1385 FM 3328Palestine, TX 75803

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