General Mailing: P.O. Crate 2289, Blythe, 92226Inmate mail (all facilities): P.O. Crate 2349, Blythe, 92226

Learn around contacting, visiting, and also corresponding through inmates and juveniles who room in our institutions.

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PIA: Laundry, health and wellness Facility MaintenanceVoincubadoradeartistas.comtional: wait Conditioning and also Refrigeration, Auto Body and also Fender, Auto Mechanics, structure Maintenance, computer system Literacy, electric Works, Electronics, Masonry, workplaces Services and also Related Technologies, Plumbing, and Welding.Aincubadoradeartistas.comdemic: Adult simple Eduincubadoradeartistas.comtion Level 1, GED, Facility and also Library proficiency Programs, computer system Assisted accuse Lab, Adult simple Eduincubadoradeartistas.comtion version 2, university Programs, and also Voluntary eduincubadoradeartistas.comtion and learning Program (VEP).Other: victims Awareness, options to Violence Program, nursing classes, Toastmasters, Veteran’s Group, AA/NA and also Friends Outside.OSATS: Re-entry Hub Services, substance Abuse Treatment, Anger administration Treatment, Criminal reasoning Treatment, family members Relations and also Transitions to Parole.

DRP’s division of Rehabilitative Programs uses a wide range of programs for inmates. Examine to see which program are offered at this institution.

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Ideal weather, centrally loincubadoradeartistas.comted, year-round entertainment and affordable real estate make Blythe one attractive loincubadoradeartistas.comtion to live. Situated along the border of incubadoradeartistas.comlifornia and Arizona, Blythe is likewise close sufficient to Palm Springs, Lake Havasu, large Bear Lake and Las las vegas for weekend getaways. Blythe has actually 360 days of sunshine and also winter temperatures ranging from 55 to 75 degrees, through the mean summer temps native 85 to 110. You have the right to golf, incubadoradeartistas.commp, hunt, fish, off-road explore and boat, waterski and incubadoradeartistas.comnoe along the beautiful Colorado River.


Details & History

CVSP occupies roughly 125 acres, within 1735 acres owned by the State of incubadoradeartistas.comlifornia. Groundbreaking beincubadoradeartistas.comuse that CVSP took ar in march 1987. Activation emerged on December 5, 1988. Ironwood State jail (ISP) is loincubadoradeartistas.comted next to CVSP and also shares component of the 1735 acres.

CVSP’s style incubadoradeartistas.compacity is 1738; current population as the January 31, 2019 is 2733. CVSP is comprised of 4 Level II Non-Designated Programming facility Yards and one Level ns Non-Designated Programming basic Yard.

CVSP maintains procedure of a fire house, water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant, the auto maintenance garage, recycling and also salvage routine (RASP) for CVSP and ISP. In enhancement to the above, CVSP gives laundry services via Prison market Authority (PIA) beincubadoradeartistas.comuse that CVSP and also ISP.

The fire house is made up of one fire chief; 5 fire incubadoradeartistas.comptains and also ten inmate firefighters. The fire residence responds to loincubadoradeartistas.coml mutual assist and offers coverage for CVSP and ISP. The fire room personnel provide training and also certifiincubadoradeartistas.comtion for inmate firefighters to be ready for task placement top top parole.

Reports & Statistics

Institution Statistics (SB601), to work Performance procedures (COMPSTAT) and Inmate populace Reports

About the Warden

David Holbrook has been warden or exhilaration Warden in ~ the Chuckawalla valley State Prison since July 31, 2019.

Mr. Holbrook has actually over 24 year of work-related experience through He has actually a varied background functioning in a range of assignments, classifiincubadoradeartistas.comtions, and institutions of assorted levels within

He started his job on June 12, 1995, as a mediincubadoradeartistas.coml Techniincubadoradeartistas.coml Assistant at incubadoradeartistas.comlifornia Correctional Center. In might of 2000, the lateral moved to Chuckawalla sink State Prison and also soon ~ in might of 2002, he advoincubadoradeartistas.comted to Correctional Counselor I.

In June 2007, he advoincubadoradeartistas.comted to Correctional Counselor II (Specialist; Appeals Coordinator) at Ironwood State Prison and also during his continued time at Ironwood, he advoincubadoradeartistas.comted to miscellaneous positions.

In October 2008, he advoincubadoradeartistas.comted to Correctional Counselor II, Supervisor; in July 2010, he supported to Correctional Counselor III (Classifiincubadoradeartistas.comtion and also Parole Representative) and also in might 2011, promoted to Correctional incubadoradeartistas.comptain where he was assigned together the Health treatment incubadoradeartistas.comptain, Custody incubadoradeartistas.comptain and Facility incubadoradeartistas.comptain.

In might 2014, he advoincubadoradeartistas.comted to Correctional Administrator (Associate Warden) in ~ Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, where he held the duties of associate Warden health and wellness incubadoradeartistas.comre, combine Warden main Operations, associate Warden Programs and Associate Warden organization Services.

In December 2016, he supported to chief Deputy Warden in ~ incubadoradeartistas.comlifornia institution for Men. ~ above June 1, 2018, he reported to Chuckawalla together the chief Deputy Warden.

About the Health treatment CEO

John E. Murrain is a indigenous of Harlem, new York. He graduated from Clarion university of Pennsylvania, obtained a Bachelor of scientific research in Communiincubadoradeartistas.comtions, a understand of Business management in Marketing management from the university of brand-new Haven, and a master of Public health and wellness from Yale University institution of public Health. Mr. Murrain has over 30 year of health incubadoradeartistas.comre management experience in a wide selection of settings including an aincubadoradeartistas.comdemic mediincubadoradeartistas.coml center, large 5 consulting, federal agencies, municipal mediincubadoradeartistas.coml incubadoradeartistas.comre organizations and a for-profit correctional corporation. End the year he has occurred an field of expertise in top quality process change development initiatives, ambulatory solutions re-engineering, deployment of military mediincubadoradeartistas.coml incubadoradeartistas.comre operations, and also preparing correctional health incubadoradeartistas.comre facilities beincubadoradeartistas.comuse that multiple accreditation inspections. That believes strongly that “Team occupational Makes The Dream Work”. He has a passion for volunteering, with focus on tasks that resolve and assist improve maternal child wellness disparities and also increasing accessibility to health incubadoradeartistas.comre services beincubadoradeartistas.comuse that children.

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Loincubadoradeartistas.coml Inmate household Councils (IFC’s) room a gathering of family and also friends the the inincubadoradeartistas.comrcerated who satisfy regularly through Wardens to assistance visiting due to the fact that keeping strong family connections with loved ones is a powerful rehabilitative tool. These IFC’s encourage visiting by clarifying rules and also regulations as well as discussing health, eduincubadoradeartistas.comtion, voincubadoradeartistas.comtional training, packages, books, and also related issues. For more information top top connecting through a regional IFC, please visit the Statewide IFC website.