Feds investigate why 2010 Ford blend drivers get power steering aid fault warnings.

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November 25, 2017 — A 2010 Ford blend power steering aid fault recall might be near as the federal government investigates an ext than 2,200 complaints and 1,720 warranty insurance claims about combination cars shedding power steering aid while driving.

About 263,000 model year 2010 Ford Fusions are affected by the upgraded investigation that was opened in September 2016 since owners stated they maintained receiving power steering help fault warnings as drivers were left with manual steering.

Fusion drivers complain about losing power steering help at both low and high speeds, causing an alleged 13 crashes and also five injuries.

In 2014, the nationwide Highway web traffic Safety administration (NHTSA) opened a strength steering investigation right into 938,000 model year 2010-2012 Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ and 2010-2011 Mercury Milans.

In might 2015, Ford recalled few of those models, consisting of the Fusion, however the automaker didn't recall the 2010 Fusion. Reportedly that was a mistake as 2010 combination drivers continued to complain about power steering assist faults, bring about NHTSA to open one more investigation.

Customers complain about the dangers of shedding power steering assist, yet those owners likewise say the expense of repairing the trouble is occasionally too much, such together these two owners of 2010 Fusions.

"Warning comes on states power steering shift. You cant steer the car. Turned vehicle off and also it go ok. Took it come dealer and they reset computer. Said needs to be replaced charge to change $1400. Fee $100 because that reset. The keeps happening and I simply don't have actually money come replace. They said this component is spanned for complimentary on 2011, but not 2010."

"no more than 3 minutes go by once the steering just locks and also here ns am top top the freaking highway in morning traffic v no damn manage over my car! What i can't seem to fathom is why Ford hasn't fixed this issue, carry out they need a body count or because that 1 the their household members to it is in hurt in a situation like this before they put a recall? ns work complete time and support my family while my husband attends school, over there is no method in y'all recognize where that I can afford the 1500+ the it'll expense to change my strength steering."

NHTSA's initial examination of the 2010 blend cars found the strength steering faults boost as the cars acquire older, and failure rates are similar to previous strength steering investigate of other Ford models.

Safety regulators to speak the 2016 preliminary examination is now upgraded to an engineering analysis to recognize if the 263,000 version year 2010 Ford blend cars have to be recalled.

incubadoradeartistas.com will update our website with results of the investigation, yet until then, inspect out what owner say about 2010 combination steering problems.

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