We room lucky to have our Hershey, PA bed and breakfast situated near several of the many popular and also sought-out concert each and also every year. Together you plan your romantic Hershey getaway, we recognize you may be wonder which artists and bands will certainly be in town. If you autumn into this category, you’re in luck! this day we space bringing friend a complete guide to all the ideal concerts in Hershey, PA in 2018. Take it a look!

Journey & Def Leppard

May 25, 2018 in ~ Hersheypark Stadium

Featuring finish sets native both bands, fans will love singing along to the ideal of the ideal hits like “Pour part Sugar ~ above Me,” “Photograph,” “Don’t stop Believin’,” and also more. Purchase Tickets

Kendrick Lamar

June 2, 2018 in ~ Hersheypark Stadium

Come out and enjoy the incredible work-related of hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar. Hear live execution of song from his GRAMMY nominated album “DAMN.” We know you’ll enjoy it! acquisition Tickets

Tim McGraw & belief Hill

June 12, 2018 at The large Center

The king and queen of country are back this year v their Soul2Soul tour. Hear fight after hit together this unforgettable duo take away the stage. Purchase Tickets



September 2, 2018 in ~ Hersheypark Stadium

With numerous albums sold, this award-winning team has offered the acapella genre a fresh new sound. Acquisition Tickets

Outlaw Music Festival

September 8, 2018 in ~ Hersheypark Stadium

This is a musical occasion like no other. With unique local vendors, good food and also drinks, and shopping, the Outlaw Music Festival is always a great time. Purchase Tickets

Celtic Thunder

September 18, 2018 in ~ Hershey Theatre

From old favorites to new hits, this talented Irish team is celebrating your 10 year anniversary ~ above this tour.

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Don’t miss out on seeing one of their many special shows! purchase Tickets

Keith Urban

October 25, 2018 at The gigantic Center

Country music fans, be certain to publication a fall stay so you can record Keith Urban and Kelsea Ballerini live! hear their recent hits ~ above the huge stage. Purchase Tickets