Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice center is open up from 7:00 a.m. Come 5:00 p.m. And the Clerk’s Office is open up from 8:30 a.m. Come 4:30 p.m., Monday v Friday, other than court holidays.

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Pay too many are obtainable throughout the downtown area.



Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal righteousness Center and also other courthouses usually have actually strict protection protocols, we recommend the you lug only what friend need. This way, you deserve to save time and also not need to worry about bringing prohibited items right into the courthouse.


Contact Information

For basic information, friend can call the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice facility information heat at (213) 628-7700. Please visit the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice center information page on the exceptional Courthouse the California, county of Los Angeles website.


Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice center Phone Numbers:

General Information:(213) 628-7700Alternate publicly Defender’s Office:(213) 974-6626Appeals:Location: Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal justice Center, second floor Room M3(213) 628-7700Bail / Bond:Location: Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal justice Center, fifth floor Room 5-305Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.(213) 628-7700Community organization – Volunteer facility of Los Angeles:Hours: Mon – Wed 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.(213) 620-1709Criminal Clerk’s Office:Location: Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal justice Center, 2nd floor Room M6Phone Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.(213) 628-7700District Attorney’s Office – Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal justice Center:Location: Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal justice Center, 17th and 18th floors(213) 974-3612(213) 974-3613Public Defender’s OfficeLocation: Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal justice Center, 19th Floor(213) 974-2811 (Felonies)(2130 974-3085 (Misdemeanors)

Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice facility Department call Numbers:

30(213) 628-7730
31(213) 628-7731
32(213) 628-7732
33(213) 628-7733
34(213) 628-7734
35(213) 628-7735
36(213) 628-7736
37(213) 628-7737
38(213) 628-7738
40(213) 628-7740
41(213) 628-7741
42(213) 628-7742
43(213) 628-7743
44(213) 628-7744
45(213) 628-7745
46(213) 628-7746
47(213) 628-7747
48(213) 628-7748
50(213) 628-7750
51(213) 628-7751
52(213) 628-7752
53(213) 628-7753
54(213) 628-7754
55(213) 628-7755
56(213) 628-7756
100(213) 628-7400
101(213) 628-7401
102(213) 628-7402
103(213) 628-7403
104(213) 628-7404
105(213) 628-7405
106(213) 628-7406
107(213) 628-7407
108(213) 628-7408
109(213) 628-7409
110(213) 628-7410
111(213) 628-7411
112(213) 628-7412
113(213) 628-7413
114(213) 628-7414
115(213) 628-7415
116(213) 628-7416
117(213) 628-7417
118(213) 628-7418
119(213) 628-7249
120(213) 628-7420
121(213) 628-7421
122(213) 628-7422
123(213) 628-7423
124(213) 628-7424
125(213) 628-7425
126(213) 628-7426
127(213) 628-7427
128(213) 628-7428
129(213) 628-7429
130(213) 628-7430
131(213) 628-7431
132(213) 628-7432
133(213) 628-7433
134(213) 628-7434

If you space being fee in a criminal, traffic, or polite case, you will be bespeak to appear in court. In criminal and also traffic cases, the courthouse girlfriend are claimed to appear for her arraignment (first court hearing) depends on the location of her alleged offense, and also which law enforcement company is dealing with the examination of the case.


Where and also when is my arraignment?

The court date and also location can commonly be uncovered at the bottom of your citation if you obtained one. If you to be bailed the end of jail, the bail company will provide you v a document which will encompass the date when you room due in court. There room times when you are just unable to uncover out i beg your pardon courthouse your instance is at. If this is the case, the legislation Offices the Lisa Liu will be much more than happy to help you figure out i m sorry courthouse has jurisdiction over your case.


Make certain that girlfriend or her attorney show up to the courthouse top top the stated date since you may incur extr penalties if friend fail to appear for her arraignment.


Arraignment Hearing and Bail

The arraignment hear is the defendant’s very first court appearance. In ~ an arraignment hearing, the defendant will commonly plead no guilty, the defense attorney will have the ability to view the police report, and the judge will decide whether he or she wants to collection bail and put you right into custody or allow you to remain free during court proceedings.

If the judge chooses to ar you in custody, you will have to pay her bail if you desire to be released. If you perform not pay bail, you will continue to be in the custody of the Los Angeles ar jail because that the duration of her case. Hiring and also meeting with a criminal defense attorney before your arraignment deserve to be an extremely helpful due to the fact that your lawyer will have actually a better chance that convincing the judge not to put you in custody.

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Why pick the legislation Offices the Lisa Z. Liu?

Finding a neighborhood defense lawyer is much an ext beneficial than hiring one from a different county. Attorney Lisa Z. Liu has actually handled countless cases in this courthouse. Together a result, she has developed favorable relations with the prosecutors, judges, and court officials at Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal justice Center. These connections prove to be invaluable throughout court proceedings, and also it will assist you acquire a better outcome for your case. As a former District Attorney, defense lawyer Lisa Liu knows how the prosecution functions to achieve convictions. If you are in search of a DTLA DUI or criminal defense attorney, us encourage friend to call us at the regulation Offices the Lisa Z. Liu. Lawyer Lisa Z. Liu is a state bar certified criminal regulation specialist who has helped countless of she clients successfully fight their instances in court.


To schedule a free, confidential consultation with Attorney Lisa Z. Liu, please contact our office in ~ (626) 988-6800 or by email to