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Medical Office Bldg.

Casa Colina medical Office Building

space Available 7,900 SF Min. Divisible 1,500 SF
Space type Medical Office Max. Contiguous 4,700 SF
Lease ax 12 months Lease form Modified pistol

Opportunity awaits you in ~ the newly constructed Casa Colina clinical Office Building! opened up in June that 2013 & situated on the call Casa Colina Hospital campus, this state the the art structure offers variety of amenities because that you and your patients. Upon entry of the clinical Office Building, friend will uncover a sleeve pharmacy as well as a medical tools & supply store. All finishes room of exceptional quality and reflect the high requirements of Casa Colina. All accessible office room is located on the building`s 2nd floor and is prepared for develop out to your specifications. Available an are is ranging in size from 1,500-4,700 sq.ft. & landlord is offering all develop out expenses to be covered up come $106/sqft. V minimum lease ax of 5 yrs. An are is limited, for this reason don`t miss out on this distinct opportunity!!.

Hospital Campus/Medical offices and also Retail nearby

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Harrison Ave Vamana St 2,033 2018 0.16 mi
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N Garey Ave W Santa Fe St 18,417 2018 0.32 mi
W Bonita Ave Metropolitan Pl 9,972 2018 0.33 mi
E Grove St Abbott St 874 2018 0.33 mi
W Grove St Gladstone St 1,392 2018 0.39 mi
E Grove St Merrifield Ave 951 2018 0.41 mi
E Bonita Ave Homestead Way 8,999 2018 0.45 mi
Harrison Ave Stanton St 4,066 2018 0.51 mi
Towne Ave N city Ave 18,164 2018 0.57 mi