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29-sai ch.22

Please conserve my life through or  Translator: Geraffe Unedited ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29-sai dokushin isekai de jiyuu ni ikita…katta Vol.2 Ch.22 - then it"s the big announcement. "Hoh, this is......"(Sondark) Sondark who unsheath and also looked in ~ the blade vigorously as the muttered. A one-handed knife that bent from the center of the tongue to the tip. The knuckle guard is also attached to the handle. What I provided to Sondark was a "supernatural" quality saber. The material is steel, the decoration has been maintained to a minimum, and it is a product the actual battle specification. "This point is produced a light cavalry, it is not solid enough for clashing yet slashing or swinging down in a revolution stance is an ext powerful 보다 the existing direct sword, try to test it."(Taichi) I put the Sabers ~ above a big table. 30 in total. Basically, the sword in this human being is a straight sword, though i thought about watching various kinds of weapons in this world. There is almost no curved sword. No, the does not median that curved knife is remarkable to the direct sword, yet if you usage it on a horse, a sword favor a saber can manipulate its sharpness. If that is a right sword is utilizing for thrust, the power at the moment of slash will certainly inevitably drop. If you do a melee fight v cavalry, saber need to be fairly useful. From now on, it will still be gradually for the really trial deployment. "Okay, let"s species quickly, and also on a schedule, that was determined on one main later, this is a in-depth schedule."(Sondark) ns look through the schedule. since the Hero was discovered in the Karendale Kingdom for the an initial time in 50 years, he will execute a demonstration and a ceremonial consciousness of the Hero with the pretext the nominating. In ~ the exact same time, that will additionally announce the crucial event. It appears that such declarations will certainly be placed out throughout the Kalendale Kingdom. It seems that other nations will declare similar contents ~ above the very same day. other is the schedule that the work in detail. about depart from royal castle, and also march to the brand-new town. After that, the announcement of me and also Marl"s in the new town, climate the announcement of the great flooding and also return from the brand-new town come the castle. "After the announcement, how much liberty are there for me and Marl?"(Taichi) "Basically you will certainly act along with the army and the knight Order and also subjugating monsters approximately the capital."(Sondark) "I will not working for free, and also I to be planning come raise the in its entirety strength by do ma.s.sive amounts of high-quality weapons, just offer me some time to make it."(Taichi) "Oh, of course, however can you yes, really ma.s.s-produce this high-quality weapons?"(Sondark) Sondark said that and saw the saber the piled up on the table. "Since I"ll just make the blade, please arrange craftsmen to execute the rest. If I simply make spears and also sword blades, it is no a ha.s.sle the much, that is the most troublesome decorating. This is a sample." I claimed so and also place 3 longswords and three shortswords, and also three an ext long spears on the table. all of them are supernatural quality. "In addition, please perform up the number of people who deserve to use the magic strike and also the weapons they use, I will make tools for those talents with Mythril and these weapons products will girlfriend arrange them?"(Taichi) "Oh, oh........ I got it."(Sondark) Sondark reply as he assumed with his hands on his chin. therefore I determined to include one condition. "I will collection the trusted price, yet there are conditions to supply these weapons, execute not monopolize them in the Kalendale Kingdom, it is provided it to various other countries. That course, even if you desire to supply by offering or politics channel. Yet just spread out these as lot as possible and reduce as plenty of as feasible the victims. This is additionally my wish."(Taichi) "... What if us did not store it?"(Sondark) "Do you want to hear it?"(Taichi) we look at each other eyes because that a while. all the weapons I made combine magic seal. Well, it"s a mystery seal because that tracking the was the exact same that used for tracking me. The secret seal is more like academics and also knowledge than skills. That is reasonably easy to usage if you know exactly how it works, and also when you got a Smithing level 3, you came in with the method to create a weapon. The secret seal is incorporated in the blade of the weapon that i made. In ~ a level the does not become unusable after ~ sc.r.a.ping. If Sondark or the Karendale Kingdom ignored my request, ns will usage it to break all the weapons and also roll around. Sondark exhaled as if he had actually lost. "Is it okay for united state to receive more supply?"(Sondark) "That"s fine, i leave the paperwork to you, is it her specialty right?"(Taichi) "Oh, leave it to me"(Sondark) Saying that Sondark laughs with a grin. The face of this male laughing and smiling is a bad face the no matter where you placed it. That is likely to speak "as planned". allow me be careful. He deserve to be a business partner, yet it is danger to to trust him fully. "As because that the blade, I will certainly make the as easily as possible, for this reason I will ask for materials as quickly as possible."(Taichi) "Of course, Hero-dono" (Sondark) we firmly shook hands. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "That"s why they decided to announce that in a week, for this reason we need to go come order the armor come be fitted on the day indigenous now."(Taichi) "We just readjust our armor though."(Marl) Marl looked at the schedule i beg your pardon I obtained from Sondark and also laughed a bitter smile. i think so too. We spent 50 yellow coins together well. Well, that"s fine. "Defense strength isn"t a problem, we require it to look good."(Taichi) The troll hide armor and also the Mithril chainmail space plain because they look just like normal leather armor equipment. I have actually received an official record from Sondark to use the country"s budget, so there is no problem around money. Let"s walk around and take a peek at the armor shop within the wall before going come Peron-san"s place. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Oh, hey."(Ritz) "Yo, is Peron-san here?"(Taichi) ns went and take a peek at the armor shop inside the wall, climate Marl and I reached the Peron"s armor shop. Ritz-san offers a sharp look to my words. "What space you doing, don"t even shot to ogling my honey."(Ritz) "No, thanks. I have actually a Marl."(Taichi) "Are girlfriend saying that my honey has actually no appeal!?"(Ritz) "Peron-san, come quickly!"(Taichi) I"m ignoring Ritz-san whose ns can"t understand and call out to Peron-san loudly. In ~ that minute the door behind the counter opened swiftly and something flew and hit Ritz-san"s head. that is an unstable iron ore. ns feel the is no something you throw at the other to do a gag, or this is yes, really a gag? Ritz-san head just hit the counter and also there is nothing like blood. "I"m sorry because that this idiot husband, therefore what execute you want today? her armor simply took a maintenance before, or you pertained to delivery the dagger again?"(Peron) Peron-san mirrors me a brand-new dagger edge beside the counter. several of the yielded daggers seem come have already been marketed so there is some complimentary s.p.a.ce. "It seems favor its offering well."(Taichi) "Of course, if they had some discerning eyes and money, they"ll buy that immediately."(Peron) Peron-san smiled. Well, I do not know how countless fall because that this smile. Ritz-san to be fallen a little too deep though. "Today"s I came to ordering brand-new armors, I want it gorgeous and also eye-catching, performance have the right to come later, I desire a Hero-like design for me, for Marl"s design, a little princess feeling."(Taichi) Peron-san make a strange look at on mine order. Well, please look in ~ the stimulate later. "What is the budget and also due date?"(Peron) "Because i will usage it ~ a week, therefore it will certainly be within six days. And for the budget, here."(Taichi) I display Peron-san a letter I got from Zontag. Peron-san obtained it with her eye saying "What is this?", climate she offered a watch of surprise. materials are "Taichi Mitsuba and also Marl space a kingdom-certified hero and follower, so please make everything they want with utmost effort, Kingdom will certainly be the one that paid because that it." something roughly this. "And I thought you weren"t just some common guy.................. Heh"(Peron) By saying that, Peron-san scanned me from head to toes. Ritz-san would fall to the soil if friend look at him v such a gaze, however I simply feel a little embarra.s.sed around it. I perform not have any hobbies that room aggravated together it is checked out in fluff. It would be much better if you check out it. "But space you OK through us? There room stores that deserve to handle deluxe goods far better than our inside the wall."(Peron) "Of course I"ve confirm it, I believed that Peron-san"s is the best."(Taichi) "I"m pretty honored, girlfriend have an extremely keen eyes."(Peron) climate she gave me a full smile. A young lady who smiles reasonably with complete confidence, it"s not something you have the right to see anywhere. "What need to it do of? despite it"s heavy, black color steel has actually high magic defense and also physical defense, Mythril is light and well-balanced, Crystal has high magic strength amplification ability but brittle, and this one is Orichalc.u.m It"s difficult not to do it in time, even if you desire it to."(Peron) "I desire Mythril, it"s have to be enough!"(Marl) "Well, the crystal with the magical power amplification result is also good, but I desire a light thing, so it"s a Mythril."(Taichi) "Yeah, Mythril is good if you think about the purpose cause it look at nice, you males seem to favor light armor."(Peron) Peron-san also agreed with us. She remembers the size of the armor at the time of adjustment and maintenance, therefore it seems she does not have to refit it. She additionally said the she will devise it to be able to overlay top top Mythril chainmail. I am thankful. "Well then, the bespeak is given, please carry it come the mansion if girlfriend can."(Taichi) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marl and I bought materials such as ore and medicinal herbs in a advertisement guild and also came earlier to the mansion. and also from the point, that is already production days. ns just continue to make sabers, lengthy swords and short sword blades and long spearheads. ns swinging the hammer without thinking. If I get tired, I"ll take a break and also flirt through Marl and also exchange ours magic powers. Marl is preparing miscellaneous magic potions. However, there seems to it is in something she thinks about, she seems to it is in stocking up recovery potions considerably. recently it appears that "good" or "high quality" restore potions space made by Marl. She periodically goes the end to a advertisement guild and does a inquiry for shipment materials. The spending plan came native the offering of restore potion. at dusk, ~ dinner, i take a bath and also let Maybell step---- ma.s.sage me. i feel the Maybell"s eye----- while she ma.s.sages me look skeptical lately. I have to be overthinking. of course, ns flirted with Marl at night. Eventually, we will use beginning magic from one of two people side. It"s no good, we"re addicted come it already. i think that I know the meaning of the name origin magic. The act itself is in chin is a meaning. Until currently I have not been aware of it"s gift existed because I walk not recognize it"s existence. Ns can"t escape no longer after I understand it. and this magic, plot of trading magic power through each other is gaining better. On the first day us only regulated to exchange around 5 MP in a minute however now we have the right to exchange 30 in a minute. Also, due to the fact that it is not feasible to understand Marl"s MP by the number value. I deserve to not speak clearly, but when MP circulates at the exact same speed with each other, she MP is more than likely being amplified. In various other words, circulation that MP v each other using beginning magic, the MP recovery rate is tremendous. Though it is hard to save reason. another amazing point was to usage magic and also to express magic by releasing focused magical power with Marl. through pa.s.sing Marl"s ideal hand from mine left hand and also releasing the concentrated magic power from Marl"s left hand. However, it"s no good, it provides Marl walk pale. But, many thanks to that, it seems I got a feeling of utilizing magic. perhaps this means I deserve to make Marl memorize magic. Yet it appears to be a heavy burden on she body, for this reason let"s held ago for now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and also comes the work of the announcement. "Oh, girlfriend look choose a princess, Marl."(Taichi) "Because I"m a princess! Taichi-san look as with a Hero"(Marl) "Because I"m a Hero!"(Taichi) we laugh together. we equipped ourselves with a Mithril armor made by Peron-san and was waiting at the entrance room of the mansion. i am equipped v a silver-colored bowl armor. The main part is spanned with bowl armor made of Mythril, and the gap component is extended with Mythril chainmail, thereby improving the all at once protection. indeed it to be a heroic design, v some blue ore installed in the breastplate. This blue ore if you polished it, it"ll float, i m sorry was seen in the warehouse of a commercial guild before. The name appears to be a floating stone as that is. and also the quantity in the market is small, therefore it very expensive. Yet armor weight have the right to be diminished by embedding it in armor. In fact, although it is key armor, the feels lighter 보다 the troll hide armor. Marl is equipped with greenish glowing Mythril Armor. also though it called Mythril Armor, the armor covers only the minimum necessary component of the chest and also belly. At an initial glance, it"s simply some beautiful dress through armor on it. However, this dress is in reality the main component This dress is no made of silk or the like, yet a Mythril thread that is woven in a minuscule net pattern. defensive power is higher than part cheap bowl armor, and it"s can even harder than my Mythril armor due to the fact that it is woven through a technique to impart physical defense up magic. and on the forehead, the circlet ns made shines. This thing instantly detects the attack and create defense barriers by itself. However, the does no generate together a strong defensive barrier. If it is about the assault of the goblin it will have the ability to prevent it without problems, however it won"t stand up to the troll attack. the is like a motorcycle helmet. Marl appeared to prefer it fairly a little as one accessory and smiled every day when I gave her. That night"s service was likewise amazing. I assumed that ns was sucked dry. through the way, for me, nevertheless of Marl"s Mythril Armor, ns am wondering whether it deserve to use in actual warfare. Why? since it is also conspicuous, in plenty of ways. "Master, Marquis"s personnel has concerned pick friend up."(Jack) "Okay, let"s go."(Taichi) "I"ll it is in back!"(Marl) "Be careful!"(Maybell) We"re being sent out off by Jack-san, Maybell, and Flam. Flam did not speak a word, however she was quietly lowering she head. Ns guess over there are additionally some facility parts. We have actually properly talked, though. I have not touched her in any s.e.xual sense. i mean, over there is no a solitary skinship. By the way, newly Maybell is close to me, is it because I have actually taken the skinship properly? Although that is comparatively unilateral skinship. Well, sorry. Also if you to speak skinship, yet the other side is one adult woman, I"m in trouble. Should I think about something? Well, since our circ.u.mstances are little awkward, it may be that there is a component when I likewise avoided her unconsciously. i guess I will certainly think around something ~ all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Wow, this is what to says, i feel unsettle."(Taichi) "Haha, this is no my first time, but I recognize that feeling."(Marl) we marched roughly Alfen top top a high-end two-horse carriage with cavalry. The cavalry approximately us has the saber ~ above the waist. It to be what I provided to Sondark. Many people are transforming their eye to the Hero and also his follower, despite many civilization are cheering, some world like adventurers or craftsmen are turning their eyes towards unfamiliar swords in ~ the waist of cavalry. We room perfectly being out on the show. in ~ my side, Marl"s gorgeousness is stealing every the gazes, so I"m much less noticeable. There is no helping! even if friend look at it, you can"t it is in inconspicuous because the cute Marl is attract a beautiful dress armor. also though i am put on a heroic style armor, the materials are normal. I do not think that I"m ugly, but it is not like I"m handsome. It"s OK, i am. Over there is nothing much more I have the right to hope because that if Marle loves me. "That is the Hero? Doesn"t the look gloomy?" "The next child is quite cute, please become my girlfriend than that gloomy!" Ah!? Who said that again!? "Wow, those eyes, the surely has killed some people." "Wait, is not he ?" "Who is that?" "It seems that he have the right to kill troll through bare hands." "Gahaha! absolutely a lie. LOL." "There"s a border of lying, do it much more believable!" "No, it"s true, I experienced him crushing a mace with his ceiling hand." ""Eh, what is that, scary."" What is that? i feel choose I"m gift mistaken, however I feel I have the right to keep dignity. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- after the march and also the exhibition room over, following is an notice at the main square in the wall. over there is a vast main square in the wall. It seems to be a place where timeless announcements on national affairs etc. Have actually been done. there is a square of the very same size in the new town, but that is called a new square over there. There seemed to be plenty of royal family members and n.o.bles attending. I have the right to see the figure of King Kalendale. And clergy? I deserve to see old human being in costumes prefer that. and the notice began. though it long and too boring yet he defined that the hero was found after 50 year in this country and state mine name, even after having become an adventurer, in a short time, i slaughtered three trolls by myself, the alias to be introduced. Next, that is an introduction of Marl that is next to me. He explains that she is the princess the neighboring country Mariel Blanc Miscronia, that is the follower of the hero. and after Princess Mariel obtained an oracle, leave her own homeland behind, alone, and found me that is a Hero and also support me. There is about 200% inflated indigenous the fact in the story. and the Kalendale Kingdom will completely support Princess Marl that is the companion of the Hero Taichi and the first princess of the Miscronia Kingdom and additionally the divine maiden the the oracle. Bard can sell this story as a poet. it feels like hearing the story of who else. "Uf.......fufufufu!"(Taichi) "Ah! Taichi-san therefore unfair! even though I"m desperately trying not to laugh!"(Marl) Marl who retained her laugh in place without twitching, scold me who is laughing. The divine maiden the the oracle part is hilarious. on the very first day, we met, drugged and also eat Hero deliciously, together a brand-new kind of holy maiden. Over there is a significant mistake in the word "holy". i who following the flow and let that happen, it seems ~ to it is in a Hero(LOL), though, it"s a pretty combination. The advent finishes and also the cheers space raised. i responded through waving my hand to the civilization while trying difficult to hold earlier my laugh. Oh, mine stomach hurt. Then, it is a word native the king. "Citizen that the resources Alfen! there is one other reason to collect everyone today! listen to our words!"(Kalendale the 14th) The king started his speech through the according to voice with strange echo, ns wonder that was utilizing magic or something. "After a pair of month from this, a good flooding will certainly occur, the oracle state it!" The human being fell back for a brief moment and began to turbulent up. The instance gradually turns into a rage and also fills the square. The minute that plaza turns right into chaos a roaring sound echoed with the square. Apparently the king instructed someone to m struggle something choose a gong. "Do not worry, people! This time we have actually things us don"t in the vault flood! the is the Hero and the fourth wall!"(Kalendale the 14th) motion of the civilization is preventing in the indigenous of the king. The king satisfied v the situation, Kalendale the 14th provided a satisfying nod and also continued his speech. "From tomorrow, we will certainly take twice as lot reward come the persons who have been engaged in the building of the fourth Wall! Also, we will have actually a different reward for someone who contributed to the building and construction of the city wall! for details please visit the federal government office, commercial guild, likewise can check out it in the adventurer guild! because that the loved ones, because that family, everyone, it is in brave! safeguard everyone in the Kingdom!"(Kalendale the 14th) Cheers broke out to the king speech through something like lengthy live Kingdom and long live the King. In this way, the Karendale Kingdom started to relocate in one earnest method towards the an excellent flooding.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "So, what to be the surname of the Hero again?" "Ta, ta.......Tights?" "Not Tiger?" "I perform not mental his challenge well, ..............Princess Mariel was too cute and also I go not even look at him." "She is The first princess additionally the holy maiden. Too negative that she is no our princess." "Our princess is like........."