I should use a step bit with a 1/2" shank. I only have actually drills through 3/8" chucks. Is the arbor dimension on most drills a traditional which would allow me to just replace among the 3/8" chucks v a 1/2" chuck? Is that really that simple?

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You"re looking for Jacobs part number 31037, it"s a keyless 1/2" chuck for traditional 3/8" drills designed especially for the function of convert them. Your 3/8 drill will be fine with a 1/2" chuck, I"ve acquired a couple of than have been converted, 2 air powered, 1 corded/electric and also 2 cordless. Just treat the drill together you normally would, drilling holes larger than 3/8" v a 3/8" drill has never been a problem.

I converted my an initial cordless drill because that the exact same reason, needed to usage an Irwin Unibit through the large shank.


Ok, I"ve done part research and also it looks like a 1/2" chuck deserve to be provided on a 3/8" drill if the chuck is threaded 3/8"x24M. I was maybe to find a Jacobs MultiCraft (#30598) that should fit mine mid-90s Makita.


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