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If her lights are managed from an ext than one switch, a solitary pole dimmer switch just won’t do. Whether you require a 3-way dimmer move or one compatible with multiple locations depends on just how much manage you desire over irradiate levels and also from how numerous locations.

3-Way Dimmer Switches

If you’re replacing two 3-way irradiate switches at the top and also bottom of a stairwell or in ~ either end of a hallway, you can think you require two 3-way dimmer switches, however you in reality only require one. Once using a 3-way dimmer switch, you should only have actually one dimmer on the circuit. The other switches (you deserve to have an ext than one) need to be on-off switches only. In this setup, the irradiate level is managed from a single location, whichever light switch you change with the dimmer switch. The other light switches turn the lights off and on come the level collection by the dimmer. For this reason, you don’t want to dim the lamp to off. Usage the on-off toggle move or push switch that is part of the dimmer switch instead so that you don’t render the other switches useless.

Types that 3-Way Dimmer Switches


Different an innovation is necessary to dim LED light bulbs than fluorescent or incandescent and also halogen lights. If you already have your lights top top a circuit through a dimmer, new LED lights may not be compatible with an older dimmer. Once switching come LED, if buying native incubadoradeartistas.com.com, girlfriend can check the dimmer compatibility PDF on each LED light bulb product web page to make sure you won’t run into any type of problems. Making use of LED lights with an not compatible incandescent/halogen or fluorescent dimmer may cause humming, incomplete dimming, a shortened lifespan, or various other performance problems. Other types of 3-way dimmer switches include:

Electronic low Voltage: offered for 12V and 24V irradiate bulbs utilizing an electronic low-voltage transformer to step down the voltage. Typically used in residential settings.

Magnetic low Voltage: used for 12V and also 24V irradiate bulbs utilizing a magnetic low-voltage transformer to action down the voltage. Frequently used in commercial settings.

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Multi-Location Dimmer Switches

Unlike 3-way dimmer switches, which cannot assistance multiple dimmers top top the circuit, multi-location dimmer switches enable for dimming controls in much more than one location. These can be paired through a compatible dimmer switch, non-dimming 3-way switches, or smart-home systems and also remotes. Any device on the circuit can control the dimming, such together a Pico remote paired with a Smart bridge or her smart phone, relying on your setup. Favor 3-way switches, these have on/off and dimming controls at the switch. They are also available in the same species of switches: incandescent, fluorescent, LED, short voltage, and multiple load.

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