Located in the heart of mountain Francisco, experience nearly two century of our background from the early days that the Gold sirloin to Silicon valley today.

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Due to the Covid-19 virus, the WellsFargo Museum will be close up door temporarily to ensure the ongoing safety that the public and also our employees.We space monitoring the situation and also will re-open as problems allow.

What you can do here

Investigate gold Rush-era doors

These doors pulled dual duty welcoming client to Morris store in Chinese Camp and also offering security to people and also gold inside. Find why it has actually a hole and how the Gold rush shaped our varied communities.


What you deserve to do here

Track innovations

Northern California’s bay Area is the an international center the a brave brand-new startup world. Log in into just how Wells Fargo’s at an early stage investment in tech is helping revolutionize the future the business and also banking.


What you deserve to do here

Imagine the great Earthquake and Fire

Learn how Wells Fargo and modern-day San Francisco regulated to rise out the the ashes after ~ the 1906 earthquake shook the city awake and sparked a firestorm that decreased it to smoldering ruins.


Book a group tour or setup a ar trip

Our guides will make the museum come alive for your class or other large group v artifacts, stories, and hands-on experiences.

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Call us at 415-396-2619 or email wfmuseum.sf


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