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Case info is available through ours Automated Voice response System by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 job a week. The telephone number, which deserve to be called from everywhere in the united States, is (866) 901-3212.

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The client Contact facility is easily accessible Monday through Friday, indigenous 7:00am to 5:00pm. The ideal time to call to speak with a son Support Representative is Tuesday through Friday in between the hrs of 7 a.m. And also 9 a.m. We provide services in English and also Spanish.

Services space also accessible for our decided or hearing impaired customers through our Tele Typewriter (TTY) number: (866) 399-4096.

Stanley Mosk Courthouse

Stanley Mosk is located at 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles CA 90012; in between Hill Street and Grand Avenue.

If you should reach united state at the courthouse ON her COURT DATE, friend may contact us at the Customer contact Center: (866) 901-3212


If you have a instance involving parties who live in various states, friend may contact our Intergovernmental Division:

General Information: (866) 901-3212Attorney just Line: (323) 837-1861Ex Parte Notices: (323) 837-1861Fax Number: (323) 890-8532


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Glossary Terms

Answer: A legal paper that responds come a Complaint and must it is in filed with the court by the human being Paying Support. In general, solution can be used to ask for genetic testing or a possibility to walk to court around the lot of child support. A blank Answer kind is served on the human being Paying assistance with the Summons and also Complaint/Proposed Judgment.

Arrears: Past-due unpaid support, including interest.

CalWORKs: Welfare Program

Central polite West (CCW): main Civil West ar of the remarkable Court of California, ar of Los Angeles. The courthouse is located at 600 S. Republic Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005.

Court Hearing: If the PPS files solution with the court clerk, the case will be reserved for a court hearing. A PPS may request Genetic trial and error to identify if that is the biological father that the child and also may questioning the court to decision the amount of kid support. If the PPS does not attend the hearing, the court may make one order there is no him or her.

incubadoradeartistas.com: Los Angeles County son Support services Department – The firm responsible for regulating the kid support regime in Los Angeles County.

Default: An action that is instantly taken as soon as someone does not respond to legal documents or present up to court together expected.

Default Judgment: In general, if the PPS did not document an Answer come the S&C within 30 days, and also a stipulation has actually not to be reached, the judicial officer may enter a referee by default. This way the righteousness officer may get in a final Judgment based upon the terms of the proposed Judgment, without a court hearing and without any kind of input indigenous the PPS.

Direct Deposit: You have the right to have the payments automatically deposited into a checking or savings account. There room several methods to enroll

Electronic Payment card (EPC): You get a Mastercard branded card that works favor a debit card. You have the right to receive support payments easier, faster and also have accessibility to the funds 24 hrs a day, 7 job a week. The card deserve to be used all over Mastercard is accepted. Part fees may be connected with the digital Payment Card.

Emancipate: refers to legal emancipation, i beg your pardon frees a minor child (under 18) native the parents’ manage if the young marries, joins the equipped forces, or gets a court stimulate of emancipation. A parental does not have to pay current child assistance for an emancipated minor.

File: Submitting paperwork come the court clerk.

Guideline Calculator: The California reminder Child support Calculator – Online tool that have the right to be used to estimate the lot of kid support that might be bespeak in her case. The calculator is based on child assistance guidelines set by law in California.

Income Withholding bespeak (IWO): revenue Withholding order – A document that tells an employee to withhold a specific amount that money native a human Paying Support"s earnings for support and to send it to the State Disbursement Unit.

Judgment: A last determination by the court around the rights and also responsibilities the the next in a case, which usually establishes parentage (who the parent of the boy is), and also orders kid support and health insurance.

Judicial officers: A Judge, or a Commissioner that is appointed through a judge to hear a son support case.

Local boy support agency (LCSA): The firm in each county that is responsible for controlling the son support program.

Modification: A court-ordered change to one order, e.g., the quantity of present child assistance ordered might be modified increase or down.

National medical Support an alert (NMSN): A an alert that acts together an bespeak requiring the employer (or various other group offering health insurance) to enroll the employee’s boy in the employer’s health and wellness insurance plan.

NRPS: A paper that speak the human being Paying assistance that support payments should be made come the State Disbursement Unit.

Order: A command of the court the decides an worry or directs action.

Parentage: Parent-child partnership (who the parent of the child is).

Passport Denial regimen (PDP): Passport rejection Program.

Person Paying support (PPS): Parent that the child does no live with many of the time.

Person Receiving assistance (PRS): parent or legit caretaker who the child lives with most of the time.

PPS: human Paying support - Parent that the kid does not live with many of the time.

PRS: human being Receiving assistance – parent or legal caretaker who the child resides with many of the time.

Serve: supply legal paperwork come a party.

Servicemembers civil Relief act (SCRA): Servicemembers polite Relief act – provides special protections to energetic members of the equipped forces.

State Disbursement Unit (SDU): State Disbursement Unit – A central payment processing site that is responsible because that collecting and distributing son support payments.

Stipulation: Agreement.

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Summons and Complaint and Proposed judgment (S&C): Summons and also Complaint/Proposed judgment – A set of legal records filed with the court and also served ~ above the human being Paying support telling the or her of the lawsuit for parentage or child support.