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About 6000 J St Sacramento, CA 95819

6000 J St in Sacramento, CA is prepared to be your home. This neighborhood is located in Sacramento in ~ 6000 J St. In the 95819 area. Be certain to see the accessible floorplans. The expert leasing employee is ready and also waiting because that you to come by because that a tour. Obtain a head begin on your move right now. Contact or stop by the 6000 J St leasing office come schedule a tourism today.

6000 J St is one apartment located in Sacramento County, the 95819 ZIP Code, and the Sacramento City merged attendance zone.

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east Sacramento offers renters a breath of fresh air in the city. Well-known for tree-lined highways and great parks, east Sacramento is just one of the city’s finest neighborhoods. The ar features lavish, condos, townhomes, and also houses. Join your new friends and neighbors at well-known McKinley Park, well-known for that is elegant climbed garden, food trucks, festivals, concerts, and outdoor movie nights. The community is likewise known because that its stellar dining and also nightlife scene. While living in eastern Sacramento, you’ll have easy access to handmade breweries, trendy coffee shops, strange boutiques, sports bars, and also diverse eateries. Good for students as well, the community borders California State University, Sacramento. This vivid neighborhood likewise offers close proximity to Midtown and also Downtown Sacramento, which room both about four miles away.

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Beds typical Size Lowest common Premium
Studio Studio Studio 580-590 Sq Ft $1,100 $1,400 $1,750
1 Bed 1 Bed 1 Bed 736-747 Sq Ft $1,185 $2,106 $4,510
2 beds 2 bed 2 beds 982-985 Sq Ft $759 $2,211 $3,587
3 bed 3 bed 3 beds 1104-1107 Sq Ft $679 $2,392 $3,940
4 bed 4 bed 4 bed 1250 Sq Ft $579 $805 $1,085