Find the perfect point out to construct your fortress.

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In 7 Days to Die, killing zombies is only fifty percent the struggle. Every little thing map you pick should have a good balance in between cities, traders, biomes, and also zombies to provide you the devices you should survive the hordes. Listed below are the optimal 15 seed that room compatible with the latest release, Alpha 18.

15. Rosebud

An overview of the Rosebud map seed

Lumberjacks in this video game suck. If you desire to keep your distance, Rosebud only has a tiny corner because that the eye biome.

Every biome has its own location in the worldOver 10 urban to exploreVery small snow biology in the north

14. I am adrift in a sea the madness

Even the best chicken can"t outrun a rifle

Build the finest zombie fortress you can. This map has tons of flatland, make it simple to build huge castles and destroy the zombie hordes.

Tons the cities spread out out evenlyMostly forest and also plains biomesLimited body of water

13. Death is no an option however is a reality

An overview of the map seed through a large body the water

If you’ve ever before dreamed of structure a base over the water, this is the map to carry out it. The archipelago in the big body the water can be conveniently fortifiable versus the zombie sieges.

Huge body of water in the center of the mapEvery biology is basic to get toSmaller cities through less flat land

12. Tinman

Find zombies in every city that Tinman

Looking for several cities? Tinman has actually you covered. Set-up shop in among the many structures on this map seed. 

Tons the buildings and also citiesSmallest map dimension evenly spreads out the citiesLimited water for an ext building area

11. StrangeMistress

Lumberjack zombies space the worst, however an island is a swim away

Living top top the mainland can get dull. Once that happens, swim on end to among the 4 islands on the external of the main map and gift you yourself the high-end of a private island. Simply watch out for the blood moon horde every 7 days.

Four islands just outside the main map of different biomesCities largely in the forest and wasteland biomesSnow and also desert biomes absence cities

10. ZombiesStoleMyBike 

Hey look, the zombie that stole mine bike!

The wasteland and also burning forest biomes are nearly non-existent in this simplistic map. The forest biome hold the largest city. Head north to reach the lumberjack-filled eye biome. Ride your bike south and try to endure the warm desert days and cold nights.

Mainly forest, desert and snow biomesHuge cities in the forest biomeMany bodies of water in the forest biome

9. Fallout 7 

Army zombie are all over in fallout 7

Prepare yourself for the hordes of army zombies. Autumn 7 has actually tons of military locations and a city filled v plenty of residences to spend the night. 

Army soldiers, barracks and camps galoreA large city with a factory and also bomb shelterSuburbs around the main city with lots of houses

8. Meatgrinder 

Every floor is danger in this building

After blowing you yourself up on the mines bordering the military bases, head end to the substantial pharmacy building to patch yourself up. Simply keep one eye the end for those special infected zombie hiding in the corners.

Plenty of military bases4 traders every in the same areaPOIs space plentiful

7. Freeton 

The traders won"t want to trade with this zombie

Set you yourself up for lots of trading v Freeton. Pick one of the 6 traders about the huge middle city and also get the best deals of the day.

Flat lands perfect for structure a big base6 traders surround the middle cityBalanced biomes

6. Metropolis 

One the the cities of Metropolis

You’ll never have to worry about finding a city v the Metropolis seed. V at least 25 cities, this map can keep you exploring for hours, specifically with the distinct road system. 

At the very least 25 urban to exploreSnowflake-shaped roadway systemEach biology is easy to gain to with plenty that cities

5. Businessman Jen 

One the the traders in businessman Jen

If you’re searching for a hilly and also mountainous map, this is the one for you. At least 5 traders are near each other in the middle. 

5 traders close to the centerForest and also snow biomes dominate the mapMore hills and also mountains can make for complicated and distinctive base building

4. 314156 

Trader Joel, at her service

For one more map full of traders, this one has 3 traders all near a large forest city. Whether you do your house in the love of the city or outside, among those traders is bound to have that final minibike piece.

3 traders near a major cityPlenty of POIsMany Shotgun Messiahs and other shop buildings

3. Glueless 

No zombies room a match for a Molotov

Fight your method through the boundless urban in this distinct seed. The wedge-shaped biomes are easy to navigate and also the two traders in the center will make her selling desires come true.

Tons of citiesWedge-shaped biomes, including a city with 3 biomes2 traders about 50 yards from every other

2. Astora

The biggest city in the wastelands the Astora

Traders across the street from each other? Check. This map is home to a selection of biomes and cities about every corner.

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Even circulation of biomes and cities.4 traders in the middle of the map.Largest city situated in the wasteland biome.

1. Exchange rate Dollar Club

No zombie will certainly take over your home in billion Dollar Club

This map has acquired it all: well-distributed cities and biomes, 6 traders, and just enough water to keep things interesting. 

At least 9 big cities with numerous smaller towns6 traders transparent the mapDominated through the woodland biome

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