Note: If you're having trouble finding any type of parts for the .44 magnum make sure to readjust the loot abundance choice up to 200 under the modded choices menu.Getting her hands top top the .44 Magnum and enough bullets is a very an extensive process which is why you should pay close attention to gathering the listed below materials and completing the tasks outlined listed below in bespeak to get this done. It's best to pair this trophy through

Nearly Immortal trophy as you'll have actually lots the time for scavenging and crafting throughout the twenty hour survival and most likely will have come throughout a few of the item accidentally. Now, the trophy summary states "Kill 44 Punks through the .44 Magnum". As soon as it describes "punks" it way zombies, not players. As soon as you have actually shot and killed your 44th zombie with the Magnum you will certainly be vested this trophy.

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Materials Needed:

Enforcer Magazine1x .44 Magnum Frame1x .44 Magnum Cylinder1x .44 Magnum Parts1x .44 Magnum Grip


Read the Enforcer MagazineGun Smithing ability "40" minimumPurchased the .44 Magnum round crafting skillForgeAnvil & Calipers because that the Forge

Locations for looting and Crafting the .44 Magnum:

Crack a publication N 924° W 441°Gun keep N 1845° E 615°Working stiff N 719° E 733°

.44 Magnum pieces have the right to be found in nearly every lootable object. Corpses, cars, trash, gym bags precise anything. Therefore don't happen anything up if you are still in a need of any kind of of the over items. However, some areas have higher chances then others together as army camps, pistol stores, and the police station. Air drops likewise have a high chance and will come in every 24 hours depending on how you have your settings changed and they are an excellent for any type of gun parts including the enforcer newspaper which is needed before you can also assemble the .44 Magnum. Cracked a book is a bookstore that has a few locations approximately the Navezgane map and also is the best place come look for this newspaper if you're struggling to get one. Bookshelves can also be discovered in numerous different city houses and also can additionally contain the book.Once you have all the parts and have read the enforcer magazine you're ready to assemble your weapon. Open up up your inventory v the

and press
on any of the magnum pieces and then push
on the directional pad come assemble. This will open a new menu wherein you will need to drag and also drop every the pieces of the magnum in the correct places. As soon as done just select the close alternative on the bottom and also the .44 Magnum will show up in your inventory. Relying on the to trust of each of your weapon parts you'll need repair kit to solve your magnum if it breaks. These repair kit are found in wait drops or the hardware keep Working Stiff.Crafting .44 Magnum RoundsSkills & products Needed:

Purchased the .44 Magnum round crafting skillAnvil & Calipers because that the forgeLead (in the forge)Brass (in the forge)GunpowderLumps the CoalNitrate Powder

Now that you have your .44 Magnum you'll need some bullets. Hope you didn't happen up any type of lead or brass based items together these will be extremely handy in the forge to produce bullet casings & bullet tips.Firstly, you'll require an anvil and calipers (tools provided in the forge) in order to handmade the cartridge tips and also casings. Anvils deserve to be do in the build using Iron and Clay. Calipers deserve to only be plunder from the hardware store well-known as functioning Stiff. Within these stores will be crates that may contain handy tools such as pick axes and or create tools prefer calipers or dye sets. When you've uncovered one lug it back and ar it in the tool spot in the forge. Now, like I've discussed above, you space going to require to place some lead and also brass items in the smelting section of the forge. Items prefer brass casino tokens discovered in cash it is registered or lead fishing weights normally found in garbage piles will smelt down and also become usable in the forge. You'll also need clay because that both the casings and the tips so be sure to collect enough with her shovel when you uncover some. Clay is ~ above the map significant as "dark" areas in the green forest biome. It's everywhere.

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Cave Coordinates: N 1909° E 865°Now it's time to craft gunpowder. You probably discovered some gunpowder formerly by looting however it's most likely not enough to handmade the .44 Magnum rounds essential for the trophy. This is whereby you'll need coal and also Nitrate powder. Coal deserve to be harvested in any type of biome in big chunks of black rock just laying around on the ground. However, these are rather rare to uncover so head over to the burnt Forest biome and also chop far at the smoldering hardwood on the ground and also near old houses. This will net you some coal.Nitrate powder is the only product in the game you will need to get in a cave for, so it is in extra careful. It will certainly be almost everywhere the cave walls and roof. Usage the appropriate mining device (steel pick axe) to acquire the many out the it. If girlfriend harvest it every it must net you approximately 400-600 nitrate powder. When you have sufficient you should be able to craft her gunpowder i beg your pardon is situated under the resources tab in the do menu.