Written by: Tim Sisco

This is exactly how I went around shortening the framework on mine 1982 Chevrolet lengthy bed.

First, eliminate the back bumper and also unhook tail and also tag lights, then remove the 8 bolts holding the bed come frame.

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Next, girlfriend will need to acquire it ~ above a tough level surface and also remove the fuel tank(s), driveshaft and also carrier bearing...but leave rear tires installed. I always cut a item of 4”X 4” to roughly 40” or for this reason to location on optimal of the jack and support the frame. Location jack simply in front of the back side of cab, about where the carrier bearing was through 4”X 4” across frame rails and jack it up to simply pre-load jack, don’t actually shot to choose it up..

Now very closely measure earlier 6” from earlier of cross member the supports rear of cab and also run masking tape all the method around structure rail. Examine it through a square to make sure it’s straight and square to the framework rail. Currently measure back 14” and do the again. This tape lines should be specifically 14” apart all the way around. If your utilizing a torch to reduced with, use these ice cream lines and also mark it through a silver sharpie or chalk and remove tape, if your going to usage a cutoff wheel, simply use the tape as a guide.

Pull clips the hold any wires or currently in the reduced area loose and pull lines far from structure so you deserve to safely reduced the framework rail. I don’t stroked nerves to eliminate them, ns just get them out of the way.

Fire increase the torch or grinder, and also carefully cut that ar of framework out...leaving a little that you can grind come make certain things space square. Role the rear section right into place, being cautious not to kink the brake lines, step back and admire her work. You are currently committed come this project.

Check her fit and also grind as required to acquire things inside wall up. Use the jack come level it ago up v a square throughout the top...from front to back, side to side, and up and down. Having the rear section rolling provides this a many easier. Once you acquire it whereby your happy v it, tack it in place and check that again in every directions...if it’s still good, weld it every around.

Grind the weld off of the top and outside the the frame until the is smooth, then cut a patch the end of the ar of discarded frame and cap it...welding the patch thoroughly.


Now because that the back, the behind cross member should be relocated. I use the torch and heat the rivets to a glowing red, climate take a large chisel and also a 2lb. Hammer and also knock the heads off the rivets. This avoids frame damage from grinder, yet cutting them off v the torch. Works great too. As soon as you obtain the rivets out and the cross member free, move it forward to the other set of holes in the frame, about 6” front of wherein it was and also bolt it ago in. No drilling is required, every the feet are currently drilled in the frame.

Now note the behind of the framework in a comparable fashion to what you did earlier, and also cut 6” turn off the ago of the frame rails.

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That basically covers the frame, all that’s left is the reassembly details. Holes will need to drilled in the side of the framework to mount the gas tank brackets. You will need a tank native a brief bed van (16 gallon) to accomplish this, the long bed tank is too huge to right (it is 20 gallons). Top top this latest one i did, ns am using a short stepside bed. Every the bolt holes lined approximately remount the bed, therefore again, no drilling was required. Girlfriend will need to discover a short bed drive shaft (or have actually one built), reinstall the bumper, and hook increase lights. Girlfriend are currently finished! Sit ago and admire your work.