In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), governor Brown has actually asked that us cancel in-person meetings and also instead use telephone and video technologies until further notice. All joblessness Insurance inquiries need to be handled on-line in ~ or top top the phone call

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SE functions staff room working from home and may be got to using your usual phone call numbers, or with the phone magazine at 503-772-2300.

For various other employment services, do not travel to your regional WorkSource Oregon center. Please rather visit our website in ~ or call Portland subway Gresham


SE works is transporting services virtually.We will certainly be closed Thursday, November 11 for Veterans work andNovember 25–26 because that Thanksgiving.

During the COVID-19 situation SE Works and also WorkSource Portland Metro-SE is right here to aid you v resources and also information.

Please see the number below. This is a direct line come SE works staff to access the aid and info you need.

These lines will certainly be open Monday to Friday native 8:00am-5:00pm.

If you with a message, please leave a short message with your name and also number and also your speak to will be returned as shortly as possible.

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Are you unemployed and also need assist with a resume, whereby to uncover cost cost-free training, job leads and also referrals, source information on food, wellness care, crisis support referrals, emergency house call:


Were you formerly incarcerated and need aid with resources, employed staff assistance, training information, referrals for health, food resources, emergency shelter referral to health and also mental health, drug, and also alcohol support call:


Youth, are you 16-24 year old and also need aid with a resume, project referrals, training, and resources for food, housing resources call:


Can’t discover what girlfriend need?

Email united state at: admin will get back to you within the occupational day.

Other Resources:Workforce resources in an answer to Covid-19

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