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I just bought my very first truck, a 98 chevy k1500 Cheyenne. It has actually a bench seat and also its ripped. Before I walk pull an additional seat I desire to know if a 60/40 seat ns may discover in various other 90s GM van of the exact same platform will simply plop in the exact same as the bench seat? If not, just how much change would be needed to put a 60/40 in where my bench is?


To give you solution anything indigenous 88-98 (technically 2000) will swap appropriate in. No modifications should it is in needed.
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To give you response anything from 88-98 (technically 2000) will certainly swap right in. No adjustments should it is in needed.

Yup any kind of seat the end of a gmt400 (Tahoes, Yukon and suburban included) will all fit fine.With the 60/40 you may need to drill a pair holes because that the 40 part. However that"s easy. On my 95, over there were tiny dimples in the floor. Ns swapped a set of buckets in there and a facility console.
You"re all wrong, 60/40 bench seats will certainly not swap the end of a suburban come a consistent cab pickup, the parentheses doesn"t fit appropriate at all its totally different. I had actually to have a fabricator do something completely custom and also weld the together.

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