The PS4 NW-31247-7 error post is a networking fault which occasionally comes up when the PS4 cannot connect to the internet. This error message can have a couple of different causes and also come through a pair of various error messages.

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Sometimes you gain a post saying the network link timed out, and also the network connection isn’t solid enough; other times a DNS error article comes up speak the DNS server can not be used and/or did not respond during the time limit.

Straight away, which of these two error message you acquire with this code offers you a clue as to what the source of the difficulty is: if you acquire the DNS error message, shot the DNS solution, and also if you get the link time the end message, shot improving your connection:

To fix this error, firstly reconfigure your PS4’s internet link to either manually set your DNS servers ( and, or re-enter castle if they have actually been gotten in incorrectly. If you obtain a network connection time out blog post with this error, climate the DNS solution may fix the problem, however you more likely require to improve the toughness of her PS4’s connection to your router.

Lets go v each of these general solutions in turn, starting with the DNS option, because this most regularly seems to resolve this error message.

Solution #1 – Manually set or Reconfigure her DNS Servers

This is the solution which works most frequently for this error code, in much more than half the situations from the research we walk looking at forums and videos on the topic. If the NW-31247-7 error is accompanied by a message saying her DNS server either can not be supplied or did not respond, then the default DNS servers you are using are either not functioning or i can not use been put in effectively if you space using the manual method.

To solve this, you need to go earlier and reconfigure your PS4’s internet connection, manually beginning a correct and working pair of DNS servers. Here are the basic steps: can’t be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: just how to change DNS – rate Up PS4 / Pro net – PlayStation accuse – Zany geezer (


See below for a video showing you how to change your DNS servers at the router level instead of the console. This will use these settings not just to your PS4 yet to every device which associate to the router.

This equipment manages to job-related in a majority of instances in solving this error message. If the does not, and you tho can’t get your PS4 online, climate the next step is to examine your house network, which us will revolve to now.

Solution #2 – examine Your PS4’s link To her Router

Sometimes this NW-31247-7 error message comes up simply because your PS4’s WiFi signal is too weak through your router to do a continual connection. Here are some simple steps to take it to shot and remedy this:

Move your PS4 and router closer together, removing any type of obstructions.A much better long term equipment is to gain off WiFi and also onto a wired connection instead – see the section below for much more on this.Quick reset her router and PS4.Hard reset your router and also PS4, fully unplugging them because that 15-30 minutes and also plugging them earlier inTry additionally factory resetting her router, pushing the reset pin on the next or back. Resets router come brand new “out the box” settings.Make certain your router is updated to the recent firmware.Check that it isn’t your ISP or router the is the problem. Are other people additionally struggling to gain online? her router may also need sending in because that repair or replacement.

Gaming is Far better on Wired Connections

A wider and longer term equipment to these sort of PS4 network error blog post is just to move off WiFi and also onto wired relationships if it is what girlfriend are currently using.

The vast bulk of these connection concerns with the PS4 arise due to the fact that gamers space still using WiFi, i m sorry is susceptible to dropping the end over distance and delivering a weak signal, which method the console battles to properly connect to the router and also the more comprehensive internet.

Wired connections are far an ext preferable to this, because they provide a strong and continuous connection, which stop a big number of this NW- error message appearing.

Wired relationships are additionally less susceptible to the congestion worries WiFi sick from, particularly when lots of people are make the efforts to use wireless tools at the very same time on the same network. View our full short article on the countless benefits wired connections have actually over WiFi for an ext on this.

If you are only using WiFi in the an initial place since you space too much away from the router to be running ethernet directly, then take into consideration a powerline adapter as an alternate solution which can get you on a wired connection without needing to run lengthy cables through the house.

Powerline adapters consist of a pair the adapter plugs which space basically used to turn your wall socket right into an internet connection, transferring a wired ethernet link to any type of room in the house.

You attach one adapter to her router and the various other to her PS4, and the two plugs communicate through the electrical wiring of the home to deliver a wired internet connection, even if you are number of rooms or floors far from the router. They permit you to bypass WiFi entirely.

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See the fantastic short video below which demonstrates just how powerline modern technology works. They deserve to be suitable solution for gamers looking to obtain on a wired link at street from the router, without any DIY, long cables or facility setup. can’t it is in loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: TP-Link Powerline Adapters Introduction video (