A Fork in the Road is the 65th key story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This walkthrough will guide you through all missions of A Fork in the Road key Quest consisting of all yellow Medals for 100% completion.

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Quest Giver: N/AChapter: 5 or 6Region: Lemoyne

Gold Medal Requirements:

Complete within 3 minutes 5 seconds

Starting Location: Saint Denis, Lemoyne

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This mission is unique in the it is essentially just a sequence of cutscenes motivated by pull close Sadie Adler’s waypoint for the mission Icarus and also Friends. It deserve to be motivated at the end of chapter 5 or at an early stage in thing 6, at any time you strategy the waypoint. As such there is no details location wherein it begins, however you’ll understand it when a cinematic starts in the center of the city because that no noticeable reason. If you room on a steed you’ll begin to concerned a stop, begin coughing and also get under from your saddle. When down, or if you’re top top foot already, you’ll have a coughing fit and collapse.

 GOLD MEDAL: finish within 3 minute 5 seconds

Skip the an initial two cinematics. Someone will certainly drag you the end of the road and get you back on your feet. They will certainly lead you come a doctor, so press forward as quickly as you can to follow them when coughing and drifting at the sheet of consciousness. Keep pressing forward and also you will go approximately a corner after him. As soon as you with the doctor’s office that will straight you inside, and even give you $10 if you space out that money.

Once inside, you’ll speak to the receptionist before the doctor will check out you. This seems like a cinematic, yet you just need to let that play out.

The medical professional directs you right into his office. Stagger in the direction.

Once inside, walk towards the green chair on the left side of the room and press the

switch to sit as soon as you obtain the prompt.

Skip the following cinematic. The doctor will give you a shoot to get you back on your feet, yet from now until the end of the game your stamina main point will drain far more quickly 보다 it did before. As soon as girlfriend have control again, choose a direction and start walking far from the doctor’s office.

You will certainly hallucinate pieces of conversation from other personalities as friend walk progressively down the road. Save going till you check out a deer run right into an intersection.

The deer will certainly run off down the road and disappear.

Unusually, there is no indication the the mission has ended other 보다 a newspaper entry. If her waypoints have actually reappeared on her map, you’ll recognize the mission is over. The yellow medal demands are quite forgiving, so if girlfriend waste no time this gold should be a item of cake.

This finishes A Fork in the Road main mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. Now the next quest That’s Murfee Country starts.

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Next Up: that’s Murfee Country

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