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Author: Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Publisher: Yoga publication Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788185787084
Pages: 974 (Color Illus: 10, Figures: 211)
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From the Jacket:

This publication is the most considerable text ever before published on yoga. It contains a finish course that 36 structured class on all the techniques of integral yoga. The lessons were compiled native the teachings offered by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and also are advantageous as a practical and theoretical overview for all levels the yoga teachers and aspirants.

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The publication presents a synthesis of yoga in a scientific and also systematic manner. The various branches of hatha yoga, raja yoga, mantra yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and kriya yoga are progressively introduced with special focus on practice, theory and application in day-to-day life.

Includes heat drawings, diagrams and also colour plates.

About the Author:

Swami Satyananda to be born in ~ Almora, Uttar Pradesh, in 1923. In 1943 he met Swami Sivananda in Rishikesh and embraced the Dashnami sannyasa method of life. In 1955 that left his guru's ashram come live together a wandering mendicant and also later founded the worldwide Yoga Fellowship in 1956 and the Bihar institution of Yoga in 1964. Over the next two decades Swami Satyananda toured internationally and also authored over 80 books. In 1987 he established Sivananda Math, a charity institute because that aiding landscape development, and also the Yoga research study Foundation. In 1988 that renounced his mission, adopting kshetra sannyasa, and also now resides as a paramahamsa sannyasin.

IntroductionThis book and also the depth of understanding it consists of provides the link between you, the practitioner of yoga, and an proficient guide and also teacher. This attach is her sadhana (spiritual practice), the beginning of your inner trans-formation, spirituality awakening and realization of greater ideals in life.

The techniques covered in this book have your basis in the ancient Vedic (tantric and yogic) shastras and were handed down over the centuries from guru to disciple until they reached the late good Swami Sivananda Saraswati the Rishikesh, who additional passed castle on come his disciple, Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Now in an age when travel and communication have actually become nearly instantaneous affairs and there are an ext efficient techniques of disseminating wisdom 보다 the human being voice and ear, us wish to market these transcendental tools of grace to every who have actually eyes come read and also ears come hear.

The original text to be compiled indigenous teachings offered by Swami Satyananda come his the next disciples because that the ultimate benefit of mankind. According to tradition plenty of of the methods of yoga, especially the progressed practices the kriya yoga, were kept an enig and passed on by native of mouth only between guru and disciple. However, modern man in his intense search for one underlying meaning in life has actually now concerned a allude of development where he is ready to integrate the practices of yoga both physically and also spiritually. Over there is much more guidance accessible also to aid him understand and practice the more advanced techniques.

This book is our effort to store this valuable tradition alive and to spread the message of yoga more into your homes and into her inner being. That is a complete work on yoga - a finish course in the techniques of integral yoga. It gift a synthetic of the miscellaneous paths that yoga in a scientific and systematic manner come ensure the harmonious advancement and unfoldment of every facet of the individual. The different branche - hatha yoga, raja yoga, mantra yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and kriya yoga - are significantly introduced with special focus on practice and also application in day come day life. V the exercise of integral yoga this book intends to build in the aspirant a state that perfect human body health, peace of mind and also mental stability, perfect intellectual clarity and greater spiritual knowledge and also awareness, a state where one is both beneficial to that elf and to mankind. The contain the significance of swami Satyananda's teachings and also in this respect is an ideal single source of details for both teachers and also students alike.

We have tried to present the book in such a means as to command one gradually and also progressively through the practices as if learning straight from a committed teacher. If your approach is sincere and also you follow your regimen regularly, the benefits will certainly unfold themselves into all the different facets of your life.

There room three key parts, divided into thirty-six lessons, containing assorted topic on both the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga, and also eventually a full exposition of the ancient system of kriya yoga. The first book of practices for beginner is intended come systematically prepare the mind and also body because that the more advanced practices in publication II and also eventually come the higher practices of kriya yoga in book III. The ultimate aim is to progressively lead you step by step through the various techniques so the by the end of this sadhana course you will have actually an incorporated approach and a full theoretical understanding of kriya yoga, and many other facets of yoga.

We are not interested in formulating a perfect philosophical system which bears no valuable significance or connection with daily life. In the type of discussions we have actually presented the theoretical next of the various paths the yoga to act as a guideline and inspiration to assist you to adjust and enhance your life at all levels. These discussions space intended to open your eyes to certain aspects that maybe you were blind to prior to in this many incredible world around us, above us and also beyond us. Words at ideal only serve as a guide; they can never offer the endure by themselves. The way are the valuable techniques that yoga, making use of words together a technique of communication.

The integration the both the theory and practice that yoga is the method of emerging a new and simpler outlook on life and its seemingly complex patterns, i.e. A new consciousness. Each human being is a unit consist of of body, mind and consciousness. Most evolutionary systems tackle among these aspects and ignore or deny the various other aspects. It is with this in mind that this book, one integral approach to yoga and life in general, is gift to friend - a sadhana from beginning to end, to enable you to take trip the within transcendental road towards union and harmony.

Reasons because that practising yoga

Your reason for wanting come practise yoga or your reason for at this time practising yoga is not important. The essential thing is that you have actually overcome vault prejudices and also postponements to try yoga for yourself. You have overcome the greatest obstacle.

Perhaps you are doing yoga to develop a healthy and balanced body or a beautiful body. There is nothing wrong with this motive and the techniques of yoga will aid you to acquire this. All us say to you is: "Be conscious of your mind. Perform you feel more peaceful? have actually you emerged greater concentration?" If so, then through an individual experience you will understand that yoga practices have a helpful influence ~ above the mind and the body.

Perhaps you have some condition or human body ailment i m sorry you desire to eliminate and have come to yoga as a last resort. Whether it is physical or mental, the does no matter, because that yoga can aid you. If the is psychological peace you want or boosted concentration or willpower, then absolutely yoga can help, together the an extremely essence of yoga is tied up v these faculties.

Many human being have unsatisfactory relationships with wife or husband, friends or colleagues. The exercise of yoga will assist to placed your relationship on a sure, positive basis. Remember, a relationship boosts in depth of understanding according come the level that self- awareness. Yoga intends at permitting you to recognize yourself and also to see your foibles and also nature in others. In this way, knowledge arises and also through this your personal relationships will certainly improve.

Perhaps you have actually heard that yoga can improve or rectify sexual relationships. Yes, this is true and is a perfectly good reason for starting yoga, especially due to the fact that inadequate sexual relationships are regularly the cause of lot unhappiness and frustration. A body that is perfectly healthy and efficient and a mind that is tuned come a high allude of sensitivity and calmness, together they space through yoga practices, increase one's capability to enjoy sexual union or eliminate the obstacles the at present make it impossible.

Maybe you have spiritual beliefs, but without any type of spiritual experience. Or maybe you have actually no religious beliefs and also you seek spiritual experience. Or perhaps you have actually no id in the existence of spirituality experience, yet have involved yoga merely to view what it is every about. It does not issue - you have come. The is the main thing.

What we room trying to say is that whatever your situation in life, whatever you think or do not believe, everything you desire from life, yoga will aid you because it alters your whole being and also hence your relationship with and attitude to life itself.

The ultimate suggest of yoga and also this book, however, is to increase your consciousness, to open your eyes to the vast number of things roughly you, of which at current you are unaware. It to be Shakespeare who said: "There are an ext things in heaven and also earth ... Than space dreamt the in your philosophy." We must keep ours minds open to brand-new possibilities. The is yoga that mirrors us a way.



Book ns - Preparation

Lesson 1
1.Kriya Yoga : an Introduction9
2.Hatha Yoga : Jala Neti15
3.Asanas : Pre-Meditative Exercises19
4.Pranayama : Breathing23
5.The Art and Science the Relaxation29
Daily practice Program

Lesson 2
1.Hatha Yoga : Danta Dhauti41
2.Asanas : an Introduction45
3.Asanas : Rules and also Preparations49
4.Asanas : Practice52
5.Asanas : basic Meditative Asanas55
6.Pranayama : Samaveta Pranayama57
7.The Root cause of Tension58
8.Relaxation : Shavasana (Part 2)64
Daily practice Program

Lesson 3
1.Simha Kriya : The Lion's Yawn71
2.Asanas : Practice73
3.Prana : one Introduction78
4.Pranayama : Nadi Shodhana (Stage 1)85
5.Awareness : an Introduction88
6.Meditation : body Awareness (Part 1)92
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 4
1.Hatha Yoga : Kunjal Kriya99
2.Asanas : Practice104
4.Pranayama : Rules115
5.Pranayama : Nadi Shodhana (Stage 2)117
6.Meditation : Practice119
Daily practice Program

Lesson 5
1.What is Yoga?125
2.Surya Namaskara133
3.Hatha Yoga : Vatsara Dhauti144
4.Pranayama : Nadi Shodhana (Stage 2)146
5.Meditation : Anuloma Viloma and Prana Shuddhi149
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 6
1.The framework of Yoga155
2.Hatha Yoga : Agnisar Kriya161
3.Asanas : Practice164
4.Asanas : Pre-Meditative Exercises169
5.Pranayama : Ujjayi Pranayama and Khechari Mudra172
6.Meditation : techniques for Visualization174
Daily practice Program

Lesson 7
1.Diet and also Digestion181
2.Asanas : Meditative Asanas187
3.Pranayama : Practice195
4.Meditation : an Introduction196
5.Meditation : Rules for Practice202
6.Meditation : Kaya Sthairyam206
Daily practice Program

Lesson 8
2.Meditation and the Mind218
3.Mudras : Meditational Hand Positions227
4.Pranayama : Nadi Shodhana (Stage 3)230
5.Mudras : Agochari Mudra234
6.Meditation : Trataka (Stage 1)236
Daily practice Program

Lesson 9
1.Disorders that Digestion247
2.Removal that Mental difficulties (Part 1)252
3.Asanas : Practice259
4.Pranayama : Practice262
5.Mudras : Shambhavi Mudra263
6.Meditation : Trataka (Stage 2)265
Daily practice Program

Lesson 10
1.Guru : The Guiding Light273
2.removal the Mental troubles (Part 2)275
3.Hatha Yoga : Sutra Neti284
4.Asanas : Practice288
5.Pranayama : Practice292
6.Mudras : Bhoochari Mudra293
7.Meditation : Trataka (Stage 3)295
Daily practice Program

Lesson 11
1.Removal that Mental problems (Part 3)303
2.Hatha Yoga : Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana311
3.Asanas : Shankhaprakshalana Asanas314
4.Pranayama : Practice319
5.Trataka and also Concentration320
6.Meditation : Practice323
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 12
1.Karma Yoga (Part 1)329
2.Hatha Yoga : Shankhaprakshalana337
3.Asanas : Practice343
4.Pranayama : Nadi Shodhana (Stage 4)347
5.Meditation : Aum Chanting349
Daily practice Program

Book II - advanced Practices

Lesson 13
1.Karma Yoga (Part 2)359
2.Asanas : Practice371
3.Mudras : Hand Mudras377
4.Pranayama : Practice379
5.Meditation : Chidakasha Dharana380
Addendum - Tantra : Yantras409
Daily practice Program

Lesson 14
1.Hatha Yoga : Moola Shodhana419
2.Asanas : Practice423
3.Bandhas : Jalandhara Bandha428
4.Pranayama : Practice432
5.Meditation : Japa (Part 1)433
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 15
1.Bhakti Yoga (Part 1)445
3.Asanas : Benefits457
4.Asanas : Practice459
5.Pranayama : Practice463
6.Meditation : Japa (Part 2)464
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 16
1.Bhakti Yoga (Part 2)471
2.Asanas : Sarvangasana476
3.Mudras : Ashwini Mudra487
4.Pranayama : Practice489
6.Meditation : practice for Visualization491
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 17
1.Bhakti Yoga (Part 3)499
2.Asanas : Practice511
3.Pranayama : Practice513
4.Meditation : Nada Yoga (Part 1)514
Daily practice Program

Lesson 18
1.Bhakti Yoga (Part 4)523
2.Asanas : Practice531
3.Bandhas : Uddiyana Bandha533
4.Pranayama : Practice536
5.Meditation : Nada Yoga (Part 2)537
Daily practice Program

Lesson 19
1.The Chakras (Part 1)545
2.Mooladhara Chakra553
3.Asanas : Practice556
4.Bandhas : Moola Bandha560
5.Pranayama : Practice562
Daily practice Program

Lesson 20
2.The Chakras (Part 2)569
3.Swadhisthana Chakra575
4.Asanas : Practice578
5.Meditation : Ajapa Japa (Stage 1)582
Daily practice Program

Lesson 21
1.The Brain591
2.The Chakras (Part 3)600
3.Manipura Chakra604
4.Asanas : Sirshasana (Part 1)607
5.Meditation : Ajapa Japa (Stage 2)611
Daily practice Program

Lesson 22
1.The Balance of Life (Part 1)619
2.Anahata Chakra629
3.Asanas : Sirshasana (Part 2)633
4.Pranayama : Practice640
5.Meditation : Ajapa Japa (Stage 3)641
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 23
1.The Balance of Life (Part 2)649
2.The Ida and Pingala Balance657
3.Vishuddhi Chakra662
4.Meditation : Ajapa Japa (Stage 4)666
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 24
2.Ajna Chakra677
3.Asanas : Practice683
4.Pranayama : Practice687
5.Meditation : Ajapa Japa (Stage 5)688
Daily practice Program

Book III - Kriya Yoga

Lesson 25
1.Outline of publication III697
2.Kriya Yoga (Part 1)698
3.Kriya Yoga : Preparation and also Rules705
4.Kriya Yoga : Practice708
Daily practice Program

Lesson 26
2.Kriya Yoga (Part 2)724
3.Kriya Yoga : Practice730
4.Asanas : Practice733
5.Meditation : Antar Mouna (Stage 1)736
Daily practice Program

Lesson 27
2.Kriya Yoga : Practice750
3.Asanas : Practice753
4.Pranayama : Bhastrika Pranayama758
5.Meditation : Antar Mouna (Stage 2)763
Daily practice Program

Lesson 28
1.Jnana Yoga771
2.Kriya Yoga : Practice776
3.Hatha Yoga : Nauli (Stage 1)779
4.Asanas : Practice783
5.Meditation : Antar Mouna (Stage 3)787
Daily practice Program

Lesson 29
1.Kriya Yoga : Practice795
2.Hatha Yoga : Nauli (Stage 2)800
3.Asana : Practice802
4.Pranayama : Moorchha Pranayama805
5.Meditation : Antar Mouna (Stage 4)808
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 30
1.Kriya Yoga : Practice815
2.Hatha Yoga : Basti819
3.Asanas : Practice824
4.Meditation : Antar Mouna (Stage 5)827
Daily practice Program

Lesson 31
1.Psychic Symbol833
2.Hints because that Kriya Yoga Practice839
3.Kriya Yoga Practice840
5.Asanas : Practice847
6.Meditation : Antar Mouna (Stage 6)850
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 32
1.Kriya Yoga : Practice855
2.Hatha Yoga : Vastra Dhauti860
3.Asanas : Practice863
4.Pranayama : Surya Bheda Pranayama866
Daily practice Program

Lesson 33
2.Kriya Yoga : Practice875
3.Asanas : Practice879
4.Pranayama : Cooling Practices881
5.Yoga Nidra (Part 1)884
Daily practice Program

Lesson 34
1.Kriya Yoga Practice893
2.Asanas : Practice897
3.Ujjayi Pranayama through Aum900
4.Yoga Nidra (Part 2)901
Daily practice Program

Lesson 35
1.Kriya Yoga : Practice913
2.Asanas : Practice916
3.Pranayama : Kapalbhati919
4.Yoga Nidra (Part 3)922
Daily exercise Program

Lesson 36
1.Yoga : The path to Perfection935
2.Kriya Yoga : Practice936
3.Asanas : Practice939
4.Pranayama : Chaturtha Pranayama942

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Yoga Nidra (Part 4)944
Daily practice Program

Index the Practices954
Index that Discussions957

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