Amazon Redshift doesn"t carry out or install any kind of SQL client tools or libraries, therefore you have to install any that you want to use through your clusters. If you already have a business intelligence application or any kind of other application that can connect to her clusters utilizing a typical PostgreSQL JDBC or ODBC driver, climate you can skip this section. If girlfriend don"t already have an application that can affix to your cluster, this section presents one alternative for doing so making use of SQL Workbench/J, a free, DBMS-independent, cross-platform SQL questions tool.

Install SQL Workbench/J

The Amazon Redshift gaining Started Guide uses SQL Workbench/J. In this section, we define in detail how to affix to your swarm by making use of SQL Workbench/J.

To install SQL Workbench/J

Go come the installing and starting SQL Workbench/J page. Monitor the instructions for installing SQL Workbench/J on her system.

SQL Workbench/J calls for the Java Runtime environment (JRE) be installed on your system. Ensure you are using the correct version of the JRE required by the SQL Workbench/J client. To identify which variation of the Java Runtime atmosphere is to run on your system, do among the following:

Mac: In the System Preferences, select the Java icon.

Windows: In the Control Panel, pick the Java icon.

For information about installing and also configuring the Java Runtime Environment, walk to

Before you do the procedures in this procedure, make sure that your customer computer or Amazon EC2 instance has actually the encourage Amazon Redshift JDBC driver. For web links to download the recent drivers, see Download the Amazon Redshift JDBC driver. Also, make certain you have actually configured firewall settings to allow access to her cluster. For an ext information, see action 4: Authorize access to the cluster.

To usage a JDBC link in SQL Workbench/J

Open SQL Workbench/J.

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Choose File, and then choose Connect window.

Choose Create a new connection profile.

In the New profile box, form a surname for the profile. Because that example, examplecluster_jdbc.

Choose Manage Drivers. The Manage Drivers dialog opens. In the Name box, form a name for the driver.


Choose the folder symbol next come the Library box, navigate come the location of the driver, select it, and also then select Open.


If the Please choose one driver dialog box displays, pick or and choose OK. SQL Workbench/J automatically completes the Classname box. Leaving the Sample URL box blank, and then select OK.

In the Driver box, pick the driver you simply added.

In Username, type the surname of the admin user.

If girlfriend are following the Amazon Redshift gaining Started Guide, kind adminuser.

In Password, type the password linked with the admin user account.

Select the Autocommit box.

Choose the Save file list icon, as shown below:



Test the SQL Workbench/J link

After friend configure your JDBC or ODBC connection, you can test the link by running an instance query.

select * indigenous information_schema.tables; If your link is successful, a listing the records appears in the Results tab.


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