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Diane M.

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Bob F.

We had a very productive meeting with Ms. Patel, among the travel planners. She was noted a lot of great ideas, in addition to maps and also AAA Travel information books around the area we plan to visit. An extremely satisfied!!

Geoffrey B.

I have used this folks because just after castle opened and also after around six access time so far, have discovered them thorough, reasonably priced and also friendly. I have used them for regimen maintenance on my SUV but I have not had to lug the vehicle in for any extremely complex diagnostics fortunately.

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Please avoid! ns am exceptionally disappointed and also frustrated with my endure with this service center. My automobile broke under on a Thu, so i towed it into the service center top top Fri. The car had stalled and also would not begin for an ext than 2 sec. I was called on that my alternator was out and the belt required replacing too, and also I should pick increase my automobile for a charge of $600. Fine. That is acceptable.When ns picked up my car on Sat, it had actually the exact same trouble as as soon as I had it towed in. The vehicle would not start for much more than 2 secs. I had to leaving the car earlier there end the weekend because the mechanic to be gone because that the day. That left a cryptic message around there being no gas in the car when the fuel light was not even on. I was climate told on Mon that my air circulation filter required to be replaced and that would certainly be secondary $300. The alternator and air circulation filter have actually nothing to carry out with one other. To this date, no one, the very least of the manager in ~ the location, has actually been may be to explain to me how two unrelated things have the right to go negative at the precise same time, and also how resolving an alternator would not be enough for the automobile to start. Why go the technician not check that my vehicle was still stalling after instead of the alternator? Why would certainly he say the next day that in reality the air flow filter essential replacing? If it necessary replacing, why was my alternator changed as well?This is like a doc informing you ~ above Thu her kidneys need replacing, then telling you after the procedure that in reality it"s the lung that space the problem.What kind of a business station hands end a automobile to a client without resolving the problem and also charge $600?The manager - the man who choose up the phone and also stands at the counter - began saying things choose - fine you know Sir, my technician earlier here stated I was no paid to fix the waiting flow trouble so i did not job-related on that. I have actually now told him to fix it, so you can now come and get your car! The manager"s manager was at least advantageous in being up front and communicating that he go not recognize why 2 things broke down ~ above the very same day. However then he reminded me 3 times the they filled in fuel (worth $20, if that) in my auto for free, as soon as handing me a bill for $900 the they might not explain.