Did anyone find this practice test harder than FL1 and FL2? i took this check after 1,2 and managed to carry out worse, also with an ext studying....anyone rather in the exact same boat?
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Have girlfriend reviewed the exam yet? over there is gonna be part amount the variability on any given day. Ns dropped 3 points between kaplan FLs 510->507, but when ns reviewed the check it came down to an easy mistakes and the material that ns had functioned hardest on in between test in reality improved.

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Yeah, I certainly had an ext of my share of simple mistakes ~ above FL3, particularly on CARS. Do you understand if FL3 is an ext predictive of the genuine test as contrasted to FL1 and also 2? seems like getting rid of i number messed v me a bit.
Yeah, I absolutely had an ext of my share of straightforward mistakes on FL3, specifically on CARS. Perform you know if FL3 is an ext predictive the the real test as contrasted to FL1 and 2? seems like acquiring rid of passage number messed with me a bit.
I dislike that they walk away through the i numbers and also how countless questions they would have. Ns really hope they don"t execute that top top the yes, really test.
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at least i hope because that them having actually the variety of questions per passage. The slightly through off my timing and was an extremely frustrating
Yea, i think the real AAMC will certainly not have actually numbers any much more according to some man on reddit. I beg your pardon sucks because numbers were beneficial in CARS
Just took AAMC FL3. In mine estimation, it was method harder than 1 and 2. P/C to be a killer. So was CARS. However, curve is decent on this one.
I"ve taken FL1 & Fl3, and also I thought FL3 was simpler than FL1, ns guess it"s every subjective, though the CARS to be much far better I thought.
Took FL3 yesterday and found it a lot less complicated than FL2 for everything reason (511 vs 506). Discovered C/P a lot of easier, B/B was about the same, walk slightly down in CARS. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
just took AAMC FL3. In my estimation, it was means harder than 1 and also 2. P/C to be a killer. So to be CARS. However, curve is kind on this one.
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