We sell top quality cars because that less.

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Services/ProductsAcadian supplied cars dealer the certified offered cars & trucks baton rouge. LA 70815 jae won available. Bank & 2nd chance finance. BUY here PAY here also AVALIABLE.Brandscadillac, chevrolet, chrysler, dodge, ford, honda, infiniti, lexus, lincoln, nissan, ram, sebring, sierra, silverado, tahoe, toyota, yukonPayment methodmastercard, all major credit cards, discover, amexLocation11917 Florida Blvd ( edge Of small John & Florida BLVD) Baton Rouge, LA 70815NeighborhoodPark Forest-LA NorthAssociationsBBBOther Links




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David Y.

I very recommend Acadian auto Supercenter if your to to buy a car. Many thanks to Michael and Jacque who went far past what expected them to execute for me . The bank declined my loan after ns drove turn off the lot, was out of city in Iowa ,learning this news , castle told not worry about a thing ,they would make certain that it would certainly all occupational out. Quiet a tiny doubtful ,but they keep there word and also did whatever they promised and an ext .So today because of Acadian ns am steering the same automobile I drove turn off in three months ago, so if her not sure where to buy a auto from because of past worries , look at no further , ACADIAN USED car SUPERCENTER, say thanks to you ,David York

My name is Andrew parker jr and I marketed my truckto Acadian they were fair and gave me a an excellent price. If friend need quick cash or need to much for her cars come here. These world are great

My nane is Mr and Mrs Taylor and we purchase a auto from Acadian used cars.From the sales person to the owner it has been a blessed experience. We uncovered a hard to find exclusive among a type deal and also My red Z28.

my name is Henry Uhiara, ns bought a 99 camaro z28. The week i bought that the transmission went out. Mike in ~ acadian invested over $2000 to replace my transmission and other things cost-free of charge on me. I highly recommend acadian come anyone. Great folks in ~ acadian. Go view my boy Jacque Franklin.

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Im recognize for being hard to please. Absolutely a stickler for details.Sales human being was on allude and swift. Employee in general courteous. Good service!

I would certainly tell my ideal friend come definitely try this location out. ~ above Feb 21, 2012, my car started making noise under the hood. Noise was so poor that ns was not also sure I would certainly make it to the dealership. The following morning I referred to as tthe service department and also the gentleman in charge come out to mine home. That made some short-lived repairs to obtain to the service area and also an hour later, "Bubba" had me on my way. No problems because then. Ns am holding out on the other star due to the fact that I am wait on part items that were intend to been order main ago. But, overall, company was good. This is the 2nd car that i have brought from them (no significant issues with the 1st one). Setup on commerce up through them in the future.

I don"t know around all the negative reviews, yet my suffer was exceptional. Michael Corsentino do promised to me prior to the sale of the truck i bought. Everything he promised was taken treatment of. This consisted of replacing a broken motorized mirror on the truck which was the end of pocket for him. A noise i heard was serviced and also cleared up. Ns was and am completely satisfied v the Corsentino family business. I was very pleased v my salesman, Shane. I discovered Mr. Michael to be a man of his word. The finance guy went the end of his method to acquire the lowest feasible interest because that my loan. I do plan on returning to gain my kid a auto in simply a couple of months. The prices on the vehicles are reasonable and also my car was priced $2,000.00 below the Kelly Blue publication value. Ns have and also will recommend this dealer to mine friends. Provide them a try. I understand you can"t satisfy everyone every the time, yet I was and am an extremely satisfied with my experience and also sale. Robert