1. Anita is to run to the right at 5 m/s. Balls1 and also 2 space thrown towards her by girlfriend standing ~ above the ground.According to Anita, both balls are approaching herat 14 m/s. According to she friends, through what speedwas ball 1 and 2 thrown?2. Vx = 10 m/s, vy= 25 m/s, find thevector's magnitude and also Find the vector's direction.3. Ax= 20 m/s^2 , ay= 10 m/s^2, uncover thevector's magnitude and Find the vector's direction.

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I sent out this question. Us have any kind of times run into rights with the velocity of protest every segment and ball one and also 2 foe to from various directions viewpoints at 14 m/s. She's viewing lock to it is in approaching us 4 m/s. Ns don't want to find out what the actual speed of around one and 2 stationary observer. For this reason the rate of the pole respect to the ground, the rate of the ball shows on the ground. Be referred to as to the rate of the ball respect come Anita. Plus the rate of a need to respect to the ground. And mhm through this we have actually to discover the velocity the the ball. Therefore for an initial football one, let's speak to this large one. Football one. You have actually the rate of Anita i beg your pardon is five m per 2nd to the right. For this reason we're going to have actually um various directions for various signs. So they are best to be hopeful on love to it is in negative. And so the soccer one, it's going come the appropriate to have actually positive for this, this is 14 plus 14 and also plus we included to the velocity of Anita i beg your pardon is going five to the right. Additionally We have 19 plus 19 which means 19 per 2nd steroid. No for for the boston baltsun Have altering the the contrary direction to simply going come -14 add to five and also we finish up v minus mine. And that's what's happened and also this an adverse sign simply in the youngsters that's going come the left direction and also since we room asked to discover speed i m sorry doesn't include the direction. We don't require a an unfavorable sign. For this reason The answer would simply be night vigils B937 2 warm. Next. Yeah. Yeah. I won't shot to defect or magnitude and direction for two vectors. V. X. Mhm is 10 in simply a second. The cable is trying come fire me that delivery for the magnitude provided by the cool Theatre musicals through skirt of us where three x squared Squared of 10 ink Plus 25 square. Would you be dubbed him? 26.99 32 because that the direction have function as a 4 minutes 1 the turn of the update cycle. Very very gentle. For this reason we have 20 the rest of 25. Right? about 10. Simply a quarter. Okay. Yes 16. Yeah, it's 0.2 degrees over the X. Access the confident X axis. Not for the critical one you have a X. Is 20. The wire is 10 ideal per 2nd For the magnitude of the exact same idea is to go to Square 20 sq to be 10 squared to record her 22 0.4. Choose this. Transpired four units. Us don't know the uh it's when I called however it's probably an exploration. So this 2nd squared and for the direction mhm. Girlfriend know, I'm transforming verse. Mm 10 by 20. She's a quota.

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Yeah 26.6°. I've got to price answers because that this is over the hopeful extract this additionally just magnitude direction