This video clip explains why the creation accounts in Genesis do not preeminence out same-sex marriages. God blesses the union of men and also women, yet that doesn’t typical that God can’t or won’t bless various other patterns that life, even if it is that’s happy or lesbian couples, being married without children, or singleness.

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It’s Adam and Eve, no Adam and Steve! have actually you heard Genesis supplied this means to dominance out homosexuality? save watching to discover out why i think that’s misguided.

People argue that the creation accounts in Genesis only permit a man and also a woman to it is in married. Let’s have actually a look in ~ them.


The broad photo is clear. God create humankind, and also blesses them. In particular, the blesses the union the a man and also a woman. An alert that us haven’t gained clear regulates or restrictions here. We have actually an account, a narrative. That the story that creation, not commands to create.

Is Genesis prescribing or describing?

So here’s the question.

Is that prescriptive – it needs to be this way, and also only this way – or is it descriptive – it describes what God blesses?

I think it’s descriptive – it describes what’s broadly true for most people, most of the time. Men and women loss in love, and marry and also have children, and also God blesses that.

But it’s no prescriptive, because if you shot and understand Genesis in this means you run right into all species of problems.

Be fruitful…

Let’s look at ‘be fruitful’ – is that necessary? Is it prescribed? Is having children an essential part the marriage? What about couples who can’t have youngsters – deserve to they still marry? Or if you execute marry and also then discover you can’t have actually children, carry out you have to acquire divorced?

You never ever hear this suggested in Church. But it’s not a theoretical concern – parts of ancient Judaism understood Genesis and also other components of the scriptures precisely this way.

In the Mishnah, a collection of old Jewish oral tradition, one saying said that if a pair had no children after ten years, the husband was obliged to divorce his wife.

Philo, a Jewish writer living in Egypt about the time the Jesus, argued that marrying who you knew to it is in infertile made you an enemy of God.

And also, what around those civilization who would choose to marry yet haven’t discovered the ideal person?

Churches are complete of single people – many of them nothing feel dubbed to lifelong celibacy. Room they in which method inferior to those who are married with children? are they not properly in the image of God?

And what around those do select lifelong celibacy? Where perform they figure in this translate of Genesis?

Again, this is not just a theoretical question. Parts of old Judaism condemned those that voluntarily chose celibacy as being contrary to god’s commandments. It to be the duty the every Jewish male to marry and to have actually children.


But Christianity has actually never construed the holy bible this way. The command ‘be fruitful’ uses not to every individual, but to the human being race together a whole, as Aquinas said a thousand years ago.

And If you emphasize procreation, having actually children, together being essential, frankly you in risk of transforming Christianity into a fertility cult.

…leaves his father and also mother…

And anyway, exactly how prescriptive room we walking to take it the account in Genesis? It says in scripture, ‘therefore a guy leaves his father and mother and also clings to his wife…’ or in the an ext traditional language, ‘cleaves unto his wife’.

Does that typical that once you’re married you can’t continue to be with the husband’s parents?

‘I’m i m really sorry son, I recognize you’re freshly married and also you’ve nowhere to go, yet you’ll need to leave. That’s what it says in Genesis’.

Genesis describes, no prescribes

This is why it makes more sense to watch Genesis as being descriptive rather than prescriptive.

Sure, God blesses those that marry and move the end from your parents and have children, but God can likewise bless those that don’t fit that particular pattern.


And once we view this, we can start to see other functions in the account as well. Notice how it states it wasn’t good for the human to it is in alone.

In Genesis 2, the reason for Eve’s production isn’t to have actually children, that to be a partner – and also God look at that as a good thing. Companionship is important. But what about those who discover a companion of the exact same sex?

But some may say, in Genesis the partners are male and also female, not male and also male or female and also female. Well, yes.

Because for most people, throughout person history, it is what happens. Most guys are attracted to women. Most women space attracted to men. Most couples have actually children.

We’re dealing right here with an exemption to the majority, and the creation accounts don’t address exceptions, whether it is same-sex couples, or those who are choose celibacy, or those who marry but can’t have children.


So, is merely saying that Genesis is around Adam and also Eve a knock-down argument against homosexuality? No – no more than it’s an argument against singleness.

God blessing Adam and also Eve doesn’t average condemnation for Adam and Steve.


This is component of a series of videos looking in ~ the Bible and homosexuality. If that interests you, subscribe to the channel. And also if you desire to discover out an ext about ancient Jewish and Christian interpretations the Genesis, you deserve to go come the companion website,

The next passage that normally comes increase is the story of Sodom and also Gomorrah in Genesis 18 & 19 – here’s mine explanation of the passage.


In the transcript I describe the Mishnah. This is a arsenal of oral regulations that days from approximately AD200 (though it contains traditions far older). There are debates both about how much these were observed by plain Jews, and likewise how far these used in the time of Jesus and also Paul (the Jewish rebellion the AD66 and the roman inn reaction are far-reaching in shaping Judaism). I use the extracts indigenous the Mishnah (m.Yevamot 6.6) to present how that is feasible to take Genesis together prescriptive, and where the logic of that leads. The an important edition is:

Penka, Gabriele, Die Mischna:‎ textkritische Ausgabe mit deutscher Übersetzung und Kommentar, Jevamot (Schwägerinnen), Jerusalem, 2009.

However, friend can also find version online through English translations. Below are a pair of instances of m.Yevamot 6.6:


I also refer to cutting board Aquinas’ discussion that the command to it is in fruitful applied to the whole of humankind rather than every individual. The reference is:

Aquinas, Summa Theologicae 2.152.2.

In the video clip I rounded up as soon as I claimed that he suggested this ‘a thousand year ago’ – a much more precise number would be around 750 years.

Aquinas is component of the long Christian tradition that has never seen marriage and also procreation together obligatory (a heritage that, the course, goes ago to Paul and also Christ).

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The Genesis creation accounts appear to have actually become more prominent in disagreements recently. Generally, ns have found that some commentators make extremely strong statements about the translate of this narratives on very shaky ground. This uses not only to the use of Genesis 1-3 in statements and arguments about homosexuality, however to a wide selection of concerns on gender and sexuality, consisting of transgender.