Conversation, networking and learning hosted sway at ADP meeting of the minds 2016 critical week. An ext than 1,400 attendees gathered in the Washington, D.C. Area to see how they have the right to refine the processes they usage to acquire, develop and also retain talent, and also how they deserve to improve the user suffer for their employees. Every my last post, nearly 200 educational sessions, yielded under the design template “Build your Capital,” additionally informed their efforts to do HR a strategic contributor come the success the the service providers they represent.

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Let me share some an ext highlights indigenous the conference.

For the 2nd year, we organized a daylong executive, management Strategy Summit, which was attended by much more than 100 human resources, talent and finance C-suite executives. Us discussed company issues, together as exactly how leadership tactics are transforming in the confront of dramatic shifts in the workplace, just how to infuse invention into organization models, and how to execute on service strategies and transformations. We’re grateful that this executives also gave united state feedback and also strategic insights right into their businesses, which will help ADP to continue to drive HCM creation to assistance their HR needs.

Among the sessions we performed concurrently, we shared with attendees some insights indigenous the 2016 ADP study Institute Evolution of Work study, a worldwide look in ~ 2,000 employees and also employers across 13 countries. The research proved a couple of key trends: The workplace is evolving much faster than ever before before; there space five an essential themes driving global workplace readjust (workplace flexibility, access to real-time learning, enhanced autonomy, a feeling of stability, and also the capacity to occupational on personally meaningful projects); and changes are regarded positively yet concerns remain, while openness come workplace changes vary by region.

Stephanie Bergman, ADP product management, explains the attributes of ADP’s Onboarding solution.

Fifteen sessions discover our clients’ suffer with and the capabilities and benefits the ADP Vantage HCM, covering its integration through payroll, benefits, talent and workforce management. We’re really encouraged by the an answer from client to this solution and also continue to support that by broadening its ease of access into an ext countries. We also continue to reimagine the user endure to make benefits enrollment similar to the experience world have as soon as they bespeak something online.


So, what’s next for ADP clients? One session addressed that inquiry for 130 attendees by sharing our efforts to construct innovative HCM solutions that address an essential trends we contact the “5 Cs.” castle are:

The influence of cloud computing, with much more than one million ADP users already being serviced from the cloud;Consumerism and also the proliferation of mobile devices. Employees intend mobile access to services solutions and also those services that resolve the “moments that matter” in their lives;Clarity the the business provider’s duty and vendor consolidation. Our clients are seeking a holistic seller experience indigenous sales engagement to assistance after implementation.Chatter (social media uses and also capabilities). Social media and mobile devices saturate the workplace and also alter exactly how hiring managers and employees are connecting with your jobs.Change. Citing result from ADP study Institute Evolution the Work study, we questioned how modern technology shifts are increasing the complexity companies space encountering in the workplace.

Mindy O’Toole, ADP general manager, national Account solutions Western Region, (left) and Jennifer Cambern, ADP vice president of product management, discuss technology and solutions trends steering ADP’s HCM innovation.

You deserve to learn much more about the ADP meeting of the psychic 2016 conference and also see video highlights indigenous previous conferences on ADP’s website.

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We constantly appreciate the capability to communicate with ours clients. This annual conference focused on human funding management opportunities as one invaluable combination of constructive customer insights, thought leadership “best practices” and also industry networking.