INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — alters are coming to Adventure Oasis Water Park in Independence because of document crowds and security concerns.

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The park has actually operated at capacity for 11 of the 13 job it’s been open, follow to the city. The record-breaking attendance likewise caused lines with wait times of 90 minute to obtain inside the park.

“This overcrowding is placing a significant strain on the facility and Park staff. The number of discipline and security worries has additionally risen dramatically, through one happening practically every day the Park has actually been opened,” Adam Norris, Assistant Park Manager, said.

The city stated it desires to make sure that civilization in the area are able to acquire in and enjoy the park this summer. To help, the city will implement the complying with changes:

Passes will just be sold to human being who live in IndependencePeople purchase single-day tickets or passes will certainly be required to carry out proof of residency with a driver’s license or college ID from:IndependenceBlue SpringsFort Osage Raytown SchoolPeople who live exterior city limits, however have already purchased season overcome will also be admittedPunch happen holders will certainly be enabled to use remainder the passTwilight ticket sales have been stop until more notice

The water park will close Friday, June 18 to implement the changes. It will certainly reopen top top Saturday.

‘Quantum Leap’ star, veteran gibbs Dean Stockwell die at 85

by Tony Kurzweil, Nexstar Media wire / Nov 9, 2021

(KTLA) – gibbs Dean Stockwell, perhaps ideal known for his duty as Admiral Al Calavicci in the sci-fi TV series "Quantum Leap," has died at the age of 85, follow to lot of reports.

He passed away peacefully in his sleep in ~ his residence on Sunday, resources told Variety.


Worker shortages may impact snow remove on Kansas highways this winter

by Heidi Schmidt / Nov 9, 2021
TOPEKA, Kan. -- The Kansas department of transport is warning that this comes winter might be different from those in the past.

The department claimed KDOT does no have sufficient snowplow chauffeurs to man all of the tools the department supplies to clear countless miles of highways every time it snows. The department said the worker shortage method snow and ice might not be clearing as quickly as it has been in the past.

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CHICAGO (WGN) — A massive Comcast outage has been reported throughout the nation.

The outage started roughly 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning and is influence internet, TV and also phones. The company"s outage map shows outages in areas including Illinois, California and also states on the eastern Coast.