The principle of gift accused the witchcraft, ostracized by her community and then branded and also abused, is generally linked with the 15th century; not the 21st century. However, thousands of children across Nigeria have been (and proceed to be) accused, tortured, abandoned and murdered in the name of witchcraft.

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In recent years, the african Children"s help Education and also Development structure answered this inhumane situation by establishing a haven well-known as floor of Hope for the youngsters in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

ACAEDF"s purpose-built orphanage strives to enhance their as whole wellbeing and also prospects for each child"s future, by providing food, shelter, education, medical help and rehabilitation.

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What Is the afri Children"s aid Education and advancement Foundation
Is This structure Legitimate?
Here Is What the afri Children’s aid Education and also Development structure Do

What Is the african Children"s assist Education and development Foundation

The african Children"s aid Education and also Development structure (ACAEDF) is a Nigerian non-profit, non-governmental, charity company which concentrates on enhancing the quality of life and also protecting the civil liberties of children and young persons across Africa. Due to the fact that its establishment in Uyo throughout 2014, ACAEDF has actually been a leading advocate for the intervention and rescue of thousands of homeless youngsters accused that witchcraft.

Danish help worker Anja Ringgren Loven founded the african Children"s help Education and also Development foundation after she was faced with the torture, abandonment and death that youngsters face when labeled a witch in Nigeria. A UNICEF report indigenous 2010 shown the witchcraft-hysteria, detailing that children with physics or developmental disabilities, such as down syndrome or autism, to be the most likely to be labelled witches. Over there have also been account of children with albinism who were killed out of are afraid that their bodies save on computer magical powers.In 2013, around 15,000 children in the Nigerian state of Akwa Ibom were exit on the roads after gift accused of witchcraft, and also around 1,000 to be murdered. Many of this children, some of whom were just infants, to be blamed because that a misfortune or tragedy endured by the family or village and cast out. Their accusations of witchcraft referenced points like an episode of disease, a death, HIV/AIDS, and/or civil war. After extreme dehumanization, these children were left in the highways to die from malnutrition, starvation and also unhealed wounds.

ACAEDF rescues this children, and, through the supplication of shelter, food, top quality education, medical aid and rehabilitation, ensures they (and those affiliated in the residence Support Program) have actually a more happiness and more sustainable future. The organization"s an additional goal is to raise awareness the the inhumane torture and banishment of these children and break the superstition in Nigeria that sparks it.

Is This structure Legitimate?


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Guided by the basic principals that the United nations Convention, the african Children"s help Education and also Development structure operates v transparency and also accountability. Castle promote boy protection and also safety in ~ the love of their core values and also invite other organizations to align through them in their vision to become the top defender because that children"s civil liberties in Africa.ACAEDF"s mission statement, i beg your pardon is obtainable on their official website, affirms your aim to gain back each afri child"s voice and also welfare if adhering to the highest possible standard of child protection. However, the legitimacy that the foundation is measurable by the success of their actions. As of 2019, the organization"s education and also awareness programs have actually seen the stays of over 200 homeless youngsters transformed, with 72 straight placed under their treatment in your facility "Land that Hope".

Here Is What the afri Children’s assist Education and Development structure Do


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The stigmatization and also accusations that witchcraft made versus children is the result of years of superstition, corrupt spiritual activities and also ignorance. The is habitual for people across Africa, in particular Nigeria, to spiritualize your adversity; therefore they often connect a problem with the wrong catalyst. With tiny awareness of human rights or how those rights have to be preserved, these rural communities cannot acknowledge the error in their superstition or minimize the concerns of child abuse and abandonment.

ACAEDF seeks to raise massive awareness to the people living in those rural locations to protect against the abuse and educate them on the require for a behavioral change. They achieve this through miscellaneous advocacy and awareness campaigns that utilize renowned media within every community and by engaging people in face-to-face interaction at city meetings.

The organization distributes education, information and also campaign (EIC) products to every members of the general public who have the right to read, including neighborhood leaders, as component of the project strategy. Because that the non-reading community, the charity sponsors a drama troupe the performs plays come educate world on the truth around child abuse. ACAEDF likewise reaches wide spread audiences by phone-in programs on radio and television.

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2. Kid Rescue and Rehabilitation

The highest priority for ACAEDF is the effective rescue and also rehabilitation that abused and also abandoned children. The rescue team, along with volunteers, discover youngsters under serious threat and deliver them to Land of Hope because that care. There, qualified clinical personnel and also nutritionists tend to their healthcare and also nutrition needs, if on-site counseling and recreational facilities encourage mental healing and also the emotional repair of damage caused by the abuse.

The african Children"s assist Education and also Development structure achieves this v the following sub-programs: