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come the to win ch"allAh yeah, ya don"t stopSounds an excellent to meThis sound hard, somethin" funky civilization gon" run toGive the record a second and a possibility toHittin" people like a scene of amazementWhile lock slippin" back my feet is planted in the pavementCrumble I can never doSo now I"m lookin" dead in ~ youWhat are you gonna do?You hear to the understanding of a scholarYou speak "Hi Breed", phone call "em exactly how I hollerI"m the E Double, and I proclaim mine nameStraight up an excellent game, peeps every gameI"m prefer a rhino runnin" through the roughest packThey number I"m a trigga-happy nigga, therefore they step backBreed, the microphonist, boots last the longestThe noose"s the strongestIt ain"t a game, that"s level to seeYou hear to the sounds of Breed(And the dfc)There ain"t no future in her frontin"I never ever got recorded with a kiloAnd if you ever before do, yo, it will never be v me, yoServin" in a Cherokee or maybe it"s a G T OBlack-on-black Benzo, I acquire it up amigoNever have to problem "bout mine posse gettin" jumped"Cause if we ever before do, yo T B, pop the trunk"Cause us don"t walk for playin", once I play walk grab a ballWhen I"m ~ above the mic i ain"t because that playin", not at all"Cause i clock 10 G"s a week, boomin" in ~ my peakAlways seek E sober, however I do acquire geekedI can give you a job, a place to eat heartyMeet her homeboy Marty in ~ a B O B partyTakin" over, barkin" choose a dog called RoverI"m pickin" suckers prefer a four-leaf cloverThey"re bitin" text on the mic, ns diss this cobrasSo now they"re sayin", "Eric breed is gettin" over"There ain"t no future in your frontin"There ain"t no future in her frontin"I"m the B, the space to the double E DAnd down v my homie G A S and O. E. AndSuckers causin" static, "cause lock still it is in disagreein"I don"t offer a "cause I"m native F L ns N T NA city whereby pity runs lowIf you ever before shoot through my city, now you know"Cause we room strictly business and we also got our prideAnd if friend don"t favor it, I suggest you break wideSuckers secure lookin" because that the M O N E YAnd thinkin" the illegal is the ideal way, therefore they dyin"I ain"t obtained time to view a fiend fiend outTo provide up every his money, and he givin" what he gotThat"s the method I am, mc each other cannot it is in differentNever adjust my means for the people or the governmentIf ns was the president, then I would state factsYou leave it up to me, I repaint the white residence blackIt ain"t no future in her frontin"There ain"t no future in your frontin"Yeah, I gained dollars in my pocket, no from rollin"If ns was a fiend, climate my gold would certainly be stolenPut my surname "Breed" on every little thing I ownAnd as soon as I gain my jeep I"m puttin" "Breed" ~ above the chromeShine it up good, kickin" v my neighborhoodMotorola phone, fat rims and also a KenwoodQuick come get roughly it, and also then I"ll have actually it dropSimply "cause I"m ridin" civilization think I"m sellin" rocksBut ain"t no future in her frontin"Yo, Flash, man, autumn that, manWon"t friend drop thatCruel come the rule of the worldLive my life raw, "cause I never liked the lawWear peak tens on mine ass usage jeansSellin" huge 8ths and also tit-for-tat to the fiendsClock lot dollars but I never break a sweatTime to relocate out, my posse sayin", "Bet"You acquired my back, and also I acquired yoursWhat time is it? Hmm, tear under the doorsMan, over there ain"t no future in your frontin"Never was, "cuz, over there ain"t no future in your frontin"Hey man, let"s begin this party up, right?Kick the end that fat if dancing