All ns Gotta do Is placed My mind On This Shit Drake

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Anybody Killa (abk) - put my life on it

put my life on my music and everything approximately me ... Streets that I was increased on, livin" on for this reason ruggedlySo I ... Decided method back in the dayThat I"m gonna try

Hugh Laurie - All we gotta execute

the negative keep obtaining hungry,And the rich save ... Acquiring fatPoliticians change, however they’re never ever ... Gonna readjust that.But you and ... Me girl, we gained the answer appropriate in ours handsAll we gotta

Newton Faulkner - all i obtained

I gotta do is sit around and also waitAll I gotta ... do is no anticipateEvery indigenous I claimed I ... Should have actually taken backAll I gotta do is get my brain on track

Lynyrd Skynyrd - all i can do is write around it

this life the I"ve lead has took me ... EverywhereThere ain"t no ar I ain"t never goneBut its type of prefer the ... Saying that you heard so plenty of timesWell there simply ain"t no

Dean - put my hand on girlfriend (feat. Anderson .paak)

should be patientbut can"t hardly wait ... Something I wanted due to the fact that the an initial dayWe have to ... Walk on v what we"re thinking bouthow might I know ... And she stated if you choose thisit"s her it"s yoursand I don"t also gotta think about itI don"t also gotta talk

Iggy Azalea - every hands top top deck

Tinashe>All hands on deckAll in former all in the back just ... Prefer that, choose thatI"mma blow her mind take it it ... Out on the floor favor that, prefer thatAll in the former all in the back just like that, like thatI"mma blow her mind

Iggy Azalea - all hands ~ above deck (remix) feat. Tinashe

hands on deckAll in front all in the ago just favor that, like thatI"mma blow your mind ... Take it the end on the floor choose that, like thatAll in the ... Prior all in the back just favor that, choose thatI"mma blow

Marie Fredriksson - all you"ve gotta execute is feeling

you"ve gotta do is feel, right now!When tomorrow comes ... Because that realAll you"ve gotta do is feelAll you"ve gotta do is ... Maybe you can save the worldIf her heart"s gonna healAll

Sarah Connor - put your eyez on me

quot;Put your Eyez On Me"Just ... 2 years earlier there didn"t no one know"Bout a ... Crazy girl suddenly part of the present ... She"s singing and also she"s trying to bringA little music to

Marion raven - All ns wanna do is you

me phone call you around this guyHe looked me straight in the eyeAnd I won"t it is in the ... Same againNo, he"s no like various other menHe"s one of a ... KindWanna do him mineAnd he"s steadyLike a

Halestorm - All ns wanna do is make love to you (heart cov..

was a merganser night as soon as he came into sight, ... Was standing by the road, No umbrella, ... No coat. For this reason I traction up alongside and I offered him a ride. He accepted with a smile

Heart - All ns wanna do is make love come you

was a rainy night once he came into sight ... Was standing by the roadno umbrella ... No coatSo I pulled up along side and also I readily available him a rideHe embraced with a smile

Billy Joel - every you wanna carry out is run

baby, you don"t gain turned on by the radio.Oh baby, girlfriend ... Obtained nothing come play on your stereo."Why don"t the Beatles get earlier ... ""Why don"t nobody song of romance?&

Bon Jovi - All i wanna perform is you

hard eight job a weekMost days we ... Acquired no time to speakFeels choose I"m chasingafter my very own lifeGirl can"t you see you"re my just viceTake the phone call off

John Mayer - every we ever do is say goodbye

when I had you off my headYour voice comes thrashing wildly v my quiet bed ... You say you wanna shot againBut I"ve tried every little thing ... However giving inWhy friend wanna break my

Roy Orbison - (all i have the right to do is) dream friend

been far from youFor for this reason longStill every time I think the ... Us I gain blueBut all I deserve to do is dream youI nearby my ... And also tenderFeel you touching me, I nearby my eyesI don

Xxxtentacion - every i have the right to do is scream

insideSpend a lot of time stuck in this head that mine ... Under the presumption love is dead alrightJust permit me it is in ... HereWhere was I when he was feeling on you v his hand at nightSeen

Dj Khaled - difficulty (feat. Beanie sigel and jadakiss)

once I cop it"s 4 doors I"m too big for a coup nigga ... An once I go to war I don"t acquire shot I just shoot niggasAn I don"t to trust a nigga ... As much as I can throw "emEven despite I

Lil" flip - psychic on my money

Lil" Flip>Heh, yeah this time about you gotta feeling me ... Cause I got my mind rightand now I got my money rightI ... Acquired my mind on my money, money on my mind(Maaan flip what

Flo Rida - mental on mine money

Chorus - Sean Paul>I obtained my mind on my money, my money on my mind(Got my mind on my money, ... And my money on my mind)I gained my mind on my money, money on my mind(Got my mind on

Jackass - You cant roller ice scating in a buffalo herd

can"t roller skate in a buffalo herdYa can"t ... Roller skate in a buffalo herdYa can"t ... Roller ice skating in a buffalo herdBut you can ... Be happy if you"ve a mind toYa can"t take it a

Roger fearbut - girlfriend can"t roller skate in a buffalo herd

can"t roller skate in a buffalo herdYa can"t ... Roller ice skating in a buffalo herdYa can"t ... Roller skate in a buffalo herdBut you have the right to ... It is in happy if you"ve a mind toYa can"t take a

Rza - execute you

RZA (Method Man)>Come on my niggas, yo..

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Put your guns in your best hand and also hold the down in the direction of the floorPoint all your guns down in the direction of the

Lil Kim - execute what you prefer

Intro>QB ya shit shit is stunner yoCan"t f*** wit you ... Fo realThey can"t f*** wit youThey can"t f*** wit you ... What"s wrong wit ya"ll bitches manWhat"s not correct wit ya

Can"t prevent Won"t stop - placed yo name on it!

I am, right here I come, below I beI’m rockin v the ... Dream teamLadies lookin in ~ me and they’re tryin not ... Come screamThis ain’t my an initial time though, therefore I beat it

George Watsky - all you deserve to do

that"ll flow when a handle is turnedI wanna take care of my shit, but it hasn"t occurredI ... Need the stamina, save on like my grandmama as soon as I"m no ... on camera I gotta be a man of my wordAnd it is in a greater guy,

Eminem - My first single

First SingleOhh!Yeah!So much for ... Very first single on this oneShady"s the ... LableAftermath is the stableThat the horses ... Of food we"re about to line upSome shit thick as ms.

Mr. Criminal - Gangster shit

Verse 1:>Rap clowns jockin haters wanna stop it I store ... A pistol nearby don"t make me have to pop that ... Southside reppin pack all the tools blue paño hagin

Jay Park - All ns wanna do

Girl, pardon me I don"t typical to be rudeBut I obtained ... Some paper wanna spend it on youAll I wanna do, is kick it through youBottles on deck ... Because that you and also your crewBaby swing by, girl you must come

Kelly Rowland - placed your name on that

s gain lost in this spaceOh loveWhere castle ... Can"t find us because that daysOh wahhYou ... Got a sweet scenting ooh mmSure "nuffIt"s so ... GoodYou gotta phone call me closeup of the door upI"m no good

Pastor troy - mental on mine money

Verse 1: pastor Troy>If this is an are age pimpingThen I ... Ma work-related for NASAComing up with tight ass shitCause this ... The PastorCreep up on "em wit laughterSoon together she show

East 17 - Gotta do something

we gotta do somethingYeah, we gotta do something fastYeah, we gotta do ... SomethingIf we want this people to lastStarvation, ... Mountains made the wheatWorld

Group 1 Crew - I recognize

be on that, never ever gotta think around the on ramp All I gotta do is put my cap back And ... Simply bump that prefer it’s on, man I’m like Jordan, and it’s all network Errtime I acquire up

Kid squid - My system

Hook:>Got a problem and I shot to tell myself it"s ... Other differentBut ain"t nothing new, I gotta have ... ThatIn my system, in my systemI"ve been fienin for

Queen - i go stunner

took my baby dancing - to view a heavy band but ... I never saw my infant "til the encore She had actually the singer by the hand I didn"t ... Wanna cry cos I had to be cool I didn"t

Carola - My show

you wanna acquire on my showThere is only one way ... Come goIf friend wanna get on my showWhat I obtained money have the right to ... T buyIt"s simply the means that I amYou deserve to watch me if girlfriend likeYou will uncover that when

Da Brat - Fa every y"all

am..... Quick to pull the create quick to pull your card ... Tough late because that the boulevardIt"s Da B come the R A T through the ... BumpSendin an excellent vibrations indigenous the trunk come the front

Keri Hilson - perform it * deluxe edition

brought below todayTo do this point called(can friend do it ... Love(well, have the right to you prove it)Such a beautiful point ... (well, deserve to you touch it)Can you feel it, daddy

Newsboys - On your knees

she"s been thinking what she daddy saidHow ... Once you"re winning, you got more friendsBut ... Are they your friends if you fall they"re gone?Something ... Around those kind of people seems wrong

John Lee Hooker - I placed my trust on girlfriend

couldn"t believe, I couldn"t believe you"d allow me ... DownI just couldn"t believe, I couldn"t believe, friend ... Would certainly let me downI"ve to be too great to girlfriend baby,

Mase - every i ever wanted

Intro>Uh uhGet Money all over againGet Money all ... Over againGet Money all over againGet Money all ... Over again"99, twin Up, uh uhYo, as soon as you

Carlene Carter - do it in a heartbeat

there to be something I could do To capture you I"d do it in a heartbeat Some small trick that I could try To record ... Your eye I"d do the in a heartbeat If I had to

Guano Apes - All i wanna carry out

I wanna do is save your head up highRun ... The milky means and make your mama smileAll I wanna do is save ... Her head up highRun the milky means and make your papa cry

Nicki Minaj - mind on mine money (feat. Brinx, busta rhymes)

got my mind on my money and also I"m not goin awayyyy... So ... Store on gettin yur paper... Currently you ... Hold it"s yur excellence... Check out I ... T.c oh forward slash president...East next resident oh

The Black secrets - mine mind is ramblin

mind is ramblin"From ar to placeTell ... Me, phone call meWhat have to I do?Yeah-hee yeah-heeYeah ... Ahh~ahhAhh~ahh~ahh~ahhI to be loveBeen love because that a long timeWith girlfriend babyGimme

N-dubz - scream my surname

Intro>Can anyone listen me? require you to feel me ... NiiiiiiiI love ... You now that you ultimately let me inCould av let friend ... Punched me out, however I gain aKick the end of acquisition it on the chin, when u decide To pen me under to the floor I upper and lower reversal you

Boy George - Don"t take it my psychic on a trip

never assumed you"d feelthis wayThe method you feel around ... MeI simply wanna to host you tightReal tight, close come me ... And the things you used to sayAnd the

Ciara - This is what love is

SeeI love friend (Oh Baby)Baby ... Imma display em what girlfriend missin (Imma show em what you missin)Baby all you need is my ... KissesHey naught (nothing) I"m gunna spoil you through my riches(Let me spend a tiny money on you)Hey young thing I

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - all i desire to carry out

just think the you, and you love meWe ... Together, can not you see?All I wanna do, is it is in close to you ... And also hold friend tightly, oh so tightlyMisery prior to you

Josh Abbott tape - On my mind

Verse 1>Baby I love you, don’t acquire me wrong.But I dislike ... Method you always seem to tag along.

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I think I can just need ... Part alone timecuz loving you is easy but killing you

Lit - You tonight

another look, do you choose what girlfriend see?i"ve been ... Standing here, watching you, the town hall mewe can ... Skip the get to recognize you call me ... Everythingi don"t even need to know the truth

Martin Solveig - On mine mind

Martin Solveig)On my mind, hanging around, on my mind ... On my mind, you know you"re means away, on my mind.It"s been a long ... Time because we metLike a dream, favor a dream I can

Roy Orbison - friend lay so straightforward on mine mind

lay so simple on my mind five so easy on my mind ... Whenever I require you, all I ever before do is near my eyesYou ... Lay so easy on my mind yes, so basic on my mind ... Plunder me in her warmness, let me feel

Pink man - perform the salamander

handle all these nipples (x4)Do the ... (Nyess) (x4)Rub her nipples favor (Nyess) (x4) ... Welcome to the rice fieldsThis is just how my nipple feelsBuy

Bif naked - every you ever before do

you ever do is complainSome trivial event has girlfriend in agony againWhy remain so ... Complete of frustrationWhen all you must do is adjust your ... SituationAll you ever is whineDon"t tell it come meYou

M.pire - On mine mind

neukkyeojiji anha (you leave)Sesang tteonagan geotcheoreom nado eobseo ... Uimi eomneun hansumman tto naeswimyeoUimi eomneun miraereul gidaehago isseoJust remember

Bee Gees - If i only had actually my mind on something else

could be king of emperors wear a crown and all the ... ThingsI"d want I"d never ever need.I"d be an ace in an aeroplane and every ... Year I"d fly to Spain.If I could get the nerve come plant

Harry Connick Jr. - mental on the matter

me no to try to be nobodyI listened come herMama said me ... It is in somebodyLooka hereSavin money’s difficult when you can’t ... Save your soulI’ll get through itTryin to dig myself the end of this mighty

The Moody Blues - ~ above this christmas day

saw your photo in the paperI didn"t recognize ... Your nameBut the pain to be there for all to seeAs ... The eye turned to rainI experienced your picture didn"t know

Part 6 - mine lips not lie

..ohh...Here us goI promise,I will never say goodbye ... Ohh baby my lips don´t lieI will constantly keep you sad that is fait,i will provide my worldI



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