Last year, the main American airline Stand up to Cancer Airbus A321 take it flight, special the name of 22,627 cancer survivors, patients and also those shed to cancer. The names were submitted by those that donated $25 or an ext to have their love one’s name added to the plane, including plenty of American team members, resulting in more than $1.1 million elevated for cancer research.

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The aircraft, which stays a component of American’s fleet today, visited 4 American hubs last week for one-of-a-kind team member occasions commemorating the one-year anniversary that its first flight.

For Gordon Vanscoy, plane Controller services Supervisor in ~ Miami worldwide Airport (MIA), gift able to watch the plane up close to be a memorable experience. “Having my mother’s name on that plane is a reminder the our job is to care for family members — both those that us fly and also our own family members at home,” Gordon said. “That airplane, through those countless names ~ above it, honors the countless families roughly the people that have suffered due to cancer.”

“Having my mother’s surname on that plane is a reminder that our job is to treatment for families.” — Gordon VanscoyMIA airplane Controller services Supervisor

Each event included opportunities for team members to situate a loved one’s name and take photographs top top the tarmac. For Stella Ballard, Customer company Agent in ~ Dallas-Fort Worth global Airport (DFW), the possibility to take a photo with the plane was a special moment.

Stella join American in 2015 but shortly after walk on clinical leave for 2 years as result of kidney cancer. Before going ~ above leave, she created a strong relationship with Joe Taney, senior Vice president of DFW Operations, that donated come the project in 2019 and added her surname to the aircraft.

“It’s an extremely humbling, ns feel an extremely honored,” Stella said. “It means the human being to me to it is in out here with Joe and also take a picture together under the plane. Ns told him, and I nearly cried, it’s all come complete circle. This has been the best family environment for me working here. Friend think DFW is a huge, liven airport however it’s never seemed choose that to me. My colleagues just rally behind whatever is happening.”

The aircraft will continue in service for American, serving together a continuous reminder that the vital need to support cancer research.

Learn more about American’s partnership with Stand as much as Cancer and also other establishments combating illness that influence so countless at incubadoradeartistas.com.com/letgoodtakeflight.


Gordon Vanscoy v the main SU2C aircraft at MIA.

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Stella Ballard with Joe Taney and DFW pilots at the DFW SU2C anniversary event.