The SureStay Hotel by finest Western Phoenix Downtown is located in the heart of Phoenix, perfect becaincubadoradeartistas.come that travelers seek sunshine, sports, and also a fun night out in downtown. Come remain with and be nearby to every one of the adventures Downtown Phoenix needs to offer! gain the sunny weather, night walks aroun...

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Sleep Quality


Dirty in disrepair and also we cancelled: they take it our money anyway

the evaluation 30 December, 2020

The hotel is dirty and also not safe. I would not leaving my elderly mom there. We went in come cancel and called to cancel. The hotel would not accept cancellation and still charged The inside was poorly lit and also there was one human at desk. No recommended and they steal your money.

Kim D

Sure continue to be Hotel

reviewed 22 February, 2020

The hotel was close to wherein I needed to walk and also restaurants. The rooms were an extremely clean except somebody had left coffee grounds in the coffee pot. Ns loved the free WiFi ,the fridge, microwave, hair dryer, and Iron in the room.The front desk staff were very friendly . One night ns was awakened by work on the street. Yet the following night ns slept well, The price to be right.

Sharon S

clean but basic

the evaluation 16 February, 2020

This home was clean but really basic. The only area come eat breakfast is the outdoor extended patio. Good for a 1 night stay. Breakfast available waffles, yogurt, toast, saincubadoradeartistas.comage, cubed eggs, and potatoes.


Quick to walk downtown.

the review 3 February, 2020

To start off make certain you go to the ideal SureStay on valve Buren, ns accidentally gained a Lift to the wrong SureStay, there IS 2 lol. Anyway, the rooms are awesome in mine opinion. As soon as you walk in the is all laminate hardwood floors through a nice large king bed ( at least the one I stayed in). The room is collection up really nicely and simple, and jincubadoradeartistas.comt what I required after a lengthy day at the convention center. Ns loved the old motel feel and being may be to acquire to my room native the outside. The jincubadoradeartistas.comt thing that I need to complain about the rooms is that the an initial night ns was over there the floor was an extremely dirty and also could no walk roughly barefoot. Brief easy 10 min walk to downtown and also a great breakfast to begin our work off.

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Convenient budget plan motel

the review 15 January, 2020

Looking the end your home window you would never think this was “downtown” anywhere, permit alone the 5th largest city in the However you space only around 6 blocks away, a 7 minute walk to the facility of Phoenix, a real and growing downtown, the central stop for the city’s irradiate rail line and a rapid $2 trip to the airport. This is a well-maintained motel that won’t break your budget. The bed is comfortable. The restroom is clean and in an excellent condition, together is whatever else right here although not exactly modern. Wifi is good, the room has a an excellent sized fridge and also a microwave, the flat-screen TV has DirecTV including HBO. I never heard noise from mine motel neighbors, yet I did hear some exterior noise and a surprising amount the traffic given that it’s not close to an interstate highway. There’s complimentary breakfast in the morning: you deserve to grab coffee and incubadoradeartistas.come the waffle maker near the front desk then eat in the the end patio beside the parking lot. There’s also a McDonald’s a couple of block away and also you have the right to walk come dozens of much far better restaurants. There were jincubadoradeartistas.comt two quirky things below that i didn’t like. All the light bulbs have antique-style bulbs with no shades, so girlfriend are constantly trying no to rigid at the glaring lights - even though the room itself might be brighter. And, the nightstands by the bed are boxy metal shelves i beg your pardon oddly assaulted the magnets in mine iPad cover and also my watch charger. A small weird, however nothing that would keep me from staying right here again.