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So I wanted to use the Blades of Hessarian quest in my writing, so I watched this video and took notes to get everything straight in my head (you know, so that I can change it :P) and I thought that sort of thing would conceivably be useful to other authors too. Below the cut.

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The original journal entry for the quest says:

Inquisition soldiers were dispatched to meet with a group of bandits operating on the Storm Coast. The Inquisition lost contact with its soldiers before their planned rendezvous with the bandits.

When you get to the point on the map, you find a cabin with several dead Inquisition soldiers. Solas comments,“We should see that their families are notified.”

You find this letter:

These notes were found near murdered Inquisition soldiers. The paper is not crumpled or torn–as though it were left behind instead of dropped:

It’s not our place to disagree. They’re attempting to set themselves up along the shore, and we have orders. We are the sword, not the hand that wields it. You taught me that.

If they’re worthy, let them come with the Mercy’s Crest. The Blades of Hessarian will listen. You will only get yourself cast out–or worse.

The Inquisitor says,“Our men were murdered by a group called the Blades of Hessarian. It seems there’s a way to challenge their leader.” Cassandra responds,“Hessarian’s Blade is supposed to represent mercy, not random slaughter.”

There is a map which shows the location of the Hessarian’s fort on a nearby table. Look at it and then return to camp. At the requisition table, create a Mercy’s Crest amulet, the description for which reads:

These special amulets are respected by the Blades of Hessarian, and fashioning them will allow our agents to negotiate with the cultists and perhaps gain some converts to our cause. Reward +1 power.

Put on Mercy’s Crest and go to the fort. The guards outside the gate will say,“Someone’s come with a challenge?” and“The others failed.”

If you select the leader, he will say“So you would challenge the Blades of Hessarian?” If you select“You killed soldiers of the Inquisition. We cannot let this stand” he responds with“You want justice? Claim it.” He and his three dogs attack.

Afterwards, you can select another member of the Blades, who will say,“Your Worship. The Blades of Hessarian are at your service. If you want eyes on the Coast, here we are.”

This opens up the War Table missions“And Offer from the Blades of Hessarian” and“Reports of Darkspawn Activity Operation”.

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Solas approves.

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