Finally, Moto X Pure execution receives the Nougat update. Monitor our article to manually download Moto X Pure xt1575 Nougat OTA on her mobile device!

Well, Motorola lately i do not care the company that wild numerous its gadgets during the time of updates. Only some old devices from Moto have seen one major Android model and also others just left to die. However, the maker was presented 2 years ago and came with Lollipop out-of-the-packing. Soon, it to be updated to Marshmallow ~ the start in December 2015. Well, it i do not care fortunate sufficient to obtain security patches until December 2016.

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Many users already claimed that they have actually initiated obtaining an upgrade alert because that Android 7.0 Nougat in the US. Also, there is not any official announcement from Motorola’s end. The looks choose that the firm is not ready to perform until the rollout initiate worldwide.

Moto X Pure xt1575 Nougat Update

The update is ready and also waits because that those who are in the joined States. You could just move to Settings > about phone > device updates and also view if friend have already got it for your mobile. The recent update is totally based on Nougat 7.0 v the newest September protection Patches. The is addressing the infamous BlueBorne exposures. The build number that is tagged v the Moto X Pure Nougat update is NPH25.200-22.

Hopefully, XDA member – gokart2 has actually organized to take the OTA zip and also mirrored that on Google Drive. That is a blessing for those who space still troubling to upgrade in regions rather than the US. Simply take this OTA zip and install that manually on any kind of Moto X Pure version phone making use of the stock recovery.

So now, head over and also install Moto X Pure version Nougat OTA manually.

Commands to install Moto X Pure xt1575 Nougat OTA


Well, manually installation the OTA desires your maker to be completely stock. It method that you can’t have any ROM, tradition recovery, or root mounted on her mobile. If so, then come ago to stock Marshmallow and then follow this article.

Head end to the Moto X Pure Nougat and also download the OTA package:

Step 2:

Now attach your mobile to the computer in MTP/File transfer mode and also Ctrl+C the OTA zip to the root (Not in any folder) of the internal storage.

Step 3:

Then disconnect the mobile and power it down.

Step 4:

Hit and also hold the Volume down + strength buttons simultaneously until you watch the bootloader mode.

Step 5:

Now, click either that the volume secrets a couple of times till you view “Recovery” chosen. Then click the Power crucial once come boot into recovery mode.

Step 6:

However, the device can’t straight enter the share recovery. You will certainly then view an Android bot through no command ~ above the screen screen. Once you see this, hit and also hold the strength button and click the Volume Up button once.

Step 7:

Now your an equipment is in the share recovery.

Step 8:

Moving in share recovery is no operated through touch. You want to usage the Volume tricks to indicate an option and also choose/enter it utilizing the strength button.

Step 9:

So prominent “apply upgrade from mobile storage” or “apply upgrade from SD card” and choose the by hitting the power key.

Step 10:

Now you check out the “” file. Simply hit the Power switch to pick it and start the upgrade process.

Now, allow the upgrade take that is course and wait a while till it finishes. As soon as it does, choose the “reboot device now” option.

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All done! Moto X Pure Nougat update has actually now properly installed on her mobile. You can now enjoy all the stunning features. It has split-screen multitasking, Doze, notification or cautions controls, data saver, and so on so forth.


Here’s all about “Moto X Pure Nougat update”. If friend think the it is advantageous then carry out let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Have actually you found any kind of other method that you think us can’t sheathe in this article? Comment united state below!

Till then! remain Safe