Andy Mineo is a Christian that performs i know good hop, yet he chooses not to brand himself a Christian i know well hop artist.


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WHAT: Andy Mineo’s girlfriend & family members Tour

WHEN: 7 p.m. Tuesday

WHERE: The Ohio Theatre, 122 W. Phibìc St., Lima

ADMISSION: $18 to $20 and also can be purchased online at

LIMA — i know good hop artist Andy Mineo will be appearing with his Friends and also Family tourism at 7 p.m. Tuesday in ~ The Ohio Theatre, 122 W. North St., Lima. Tickets space $18 to $20 and can it is in purchased digital at

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Mineo, 29, to be born in Syracuse, new York. He has actually been married for three years.

“I have actually been life in new York City now for the critical ten years,” claimed Mineo.

Mineo’s brother bought him a Jay Z CD and also a pair of brand-new Balance, and also that was the start of Mineo’s enthusiasm for i know well hop.

“I grew up listening to hip hop. That was the beginning. A many Snoop, a most Tupac, a lot of DMX, a most Eminem, a many those guys. I grew up through the classic hip hop stuff that was well-known at the time. So the was the people I come from,” said Mineo.

While the is recognized as a Christian i know well hop artist, Mineo does no label himself as such.

“I to be a Christian and I to be a i know well hop artist. I don’t title myself Christian artist or rapper. I just don’t think those titles room helpful,” said Mineo.

He writes his very own material.

“Yeah, I write everything. What we carry out in i know well hop is usually steal people’s old songs and also sample them. A the majority of the beats space made out of enlarge records in between the ‘50s and also the ‘90s and also re-worked. You can acquire it as obscure together you want it come be. Producers and people are looking for samples, so you begin digging and also you uncover a piece of music that you desire to re-work and also flip,” claimed Mineo.

He is excited to bring his concert to the Ohio Theatre.

“I tell mine story top top the stage. A many the core fans are currently there. They’re in touch with several of the story and the albums the I’ve dropped. The display is much much more than simply me and a DJ. It’s a production. There’s a story-line, over there is an ebb and also flow and also growth and a vast climax. One thing that anyone says as soon as they walk far from the concert is that it’s just fun. Ns literally have actually my friend on my tour bus. That’s why I call it the Friends and also Family Tour. It’s literally us friends goofing approximately on the stage every night. There room moments wherein I obtain a possibility to break out and sing a small bit and have fun. Yet it’s a hip hop concert,” claimed Mineo.

While he is enjoy it the tour and also concerts, Mineo makes sure the he takes care of his body and vocals.

“It’s a blast. This is what I wanted to carry out as a kid. I want to do music for a living. It’s what I acquire to do, therefore I have actually zero room to complain about anything, yet at the same time that is a job. You have to basically live out of a suitcase, shower in nasty environment-friendly rooms, you have to be far from your friends and also your family members for one extended duration of time. You miss the comforts the home. Because that me it’s far better than working a desk job, however it has it’s moments of gift hard, particularly as a married man and also other people on this tour have kids and also have come be far from them. It’s additionally rough on the body and vocals. Act six mirrors in a row, you have to gain the appropriate amount the sleep and also take care of yourself,” stated Mineo.

On point is for sure, Mineo will store touring and performing.

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“We love doing it and also we love serving the fans,” claimed Mineo.


Andy Mineo is a Christian that performs i know good hop, however he chooses not to label himself a Christian hip hop artist. Mineo is a Christian who performs i know well hop, but he chooses no to label himself a Christian i know well hop artist. Submitted