Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il video clip musicale di In my Feelings di Ann Marie contenuta nell"album Ann Marie. “In mine Feelings” è una canzone di Ann Marie. In mine Feelings Lyrics.


I"m drained, physically, mentally, emotionallyI done offered you every one of me however still friend couldn"t dedicate to meTold you "bout the niggas in my past and how lock hurted meBut friend swore up and down that you wasn"t the same and how you perform shit differentlyYou tweaked ~ above meThought ns didn"t know about the shit, nigga girlfriend was yes, really on?Thought ns didn"t know around the creepin" and also the cheatin" and also the sneakin" and also the hoes steady textin" your phone?Nigga yeah i knew, yeah i knew, niggaI was just waitin" on girlfriend niggaI was just waitin" for the fact niggaBut look at what you doJust permit me go, leave me aloneYou know damn well the you"re doin" me wrongYou recognize damn well ns don"t deserve every the shit that you do yet you stay blowin" up mine phone likeBae, wait, don"t go outBaby sit down, let"s talk around itBaby don"t leave, simply think about itAnd then ns tweak about it"Cause now I"m in the position I was currently inGettin" myself hurt over and also over againAnd friend doin" all the shit the you already didAnd I"m tellin" myself male we done offered years come this shitAnd if i leave then that"s itBut I"m done through this shit, i can"tTake this shit no more man, tell me what"s this war man?What walk I carry out to deserve every this pain?Gave friend loyalty and also all I want was the sameGave you every my trust however you took that shit in vainJust to play me prefer a goofy, prefer I didn"t recognize the game butI"m done nigga, I"m done through youThis mine message, indigenous me to you

You gained me in my feelings (you gained me)You acquired me in mine feelings (you acquired me)You gained me (baby you acquired me)You acquired me (baby you got me)You obtained me in my feelings

I tho love you, that"s the crazy component about it allI"d be lyin" if I said I wouldn"t come runnin" as soon as you calledI"d it is in lyin" if I stated that ns wouldn"t drop that allFuck them various other niggas, you understand I placed you prior to them allI"m the one that"s to be down with it allI"m the one that picks girlfriend up when you fallI"m the one who hosted it down with no prideWhen shit obtained hard, therefore tell me what that is, what the crap goin" on?Like phone call me what that is boy, phone call me what the ain"tTell me how you feeling boy, call me what girlfriend thinkTell me is it genuine boy, call me is the fakeIs it yes, really what you want or you just playin" games like"Cause shit no addin" upYou secure tellin" me you love me however you actin" upAnd every time we relocate forward it"s choose you backin" upAnd we done been with this all, ain"t that bad enough likeWhat i didn"t message you enough? (no)What i wasn"t sexy enough? (no)What ns didn"t sext you enough?Didn"t speak to not enough? to be my love not enough? likeDamn, tell me exactly how you feelYou obtained me end here, in my

You acquired me in mine feelings (you obtained me)You got me in my feelings (you acquired me)You obtained me (baby you obtained me)You acquired me (baby you obtained me)You acquired me in mine feelings

You gained me in my feelings, what am ns to do?Tell me carry out I leave or execute I stick through you?Stick v you, I"m therefore confused, baby I"m confusedTell me carry out I leave or do I stick v you?Stick with you, what carry out I do, call me what carry out I doBaby execute I leaving or...