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A much better approach come wildlife conservation.

In an answer to the immediate poaching crisis facing in Africa, the african Wildlife Defence force (AWDF) serves as an alternate to the continual park rangers organizations which battle with inadequately equipment, inadequately training, corruption rangers and increasing level of violence through which poachers proceed. Rangers space our frontline troops in the battle versus poaching, They everyday put their stays at risk. And also thus we desire to set the ranger standard and also welfare throughout Africa.

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Quick an answer capacity as result of highly flexible estimate vectors.

Small units, the are devices ready, come respond come any type of emergency, commonly within ten minutes or less, v a main mission of security and reconnaissance.

International solution initiative

We certain the men and women that dedicate their lives to protecting Africa’s creatures and also wild places obtain the respect and support lock deserve.

The AWDF is composed of an international team the experts, all originating from various background. We enhance each various other by a selection of expertise. Our rangers or frontline staff connected in operations and patrolling come indigenous e.g.; the Kenya Wildlife company (KWS), Kenya Forest company (KFS), southern African navy (SAN), south African nationwide Defence pressure (SANDF), south African national Parks (SANPARKS) but also private anti-poaching units, video game farms and also horticulturists. Highly educated world with some a degree in nutrition and dietetics management, business and IT, wildlife health and management, criminal justice, criminology and also forensic studies, commerce, zoology and herpetology, architecture and water engineering. But likewise cab drivers, construction workers...

Our instructors come native the French international Legion, us Army and US secret Service.

Our advisory board or intelligence staff consist of of eco-friendly specialists and former officers of the Belgian army, French army, south African Air force (SAAF) and also South African nationwide Defence force (SANDF). Being an AWDF ranger is a career to it is in proud of!


greatest military typical trained park ranger

Good is not enough, good means average! We want the best. Our rangers gain a Legionnaire layout training come perform covert and complicated missions. Castle endure an ext rigorous physical training after an easy training. And also must remain in optimal physical problem at every the time. Or they may shed their ranger status.

an abilities and equipment adjusted to extreme situational contingencies

HF and also international team communications, trauma life support medical equipment and also combat medic certified personnel , long and medium variety weapons, all terrain and also armored versatile transportation assets with qualified chauffeurs , airborne and airmobile estimate capacity.

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Active branches of the AWDF

Convention ~ above African profession in Endangered species of Wild Fauna & Flora (CATES)

This working group was formed in protest versus the destructive policies the CITES. In this team we work on wildlife regulation enforcement and promote non-conventional breed boy farming choose Insect farming, Crocodile farming and also Game farming. We additionally examine the pros and cons that rhino horn farming.

Services list

- Anti-Poaching Patrols - equipped Reaction - basic Security - Camera and also Surveillance - pet Sanctuary - video game farming - Wildlife commerce - Wildlife monitoring - forest Management - Plantation Establishment and Management - Community breakthrough