error: class names, "EnumDevices", space only welcomed if annotation handling is explicitly requested1 errorHere is the java code (I"m running this top top Ubuntu).

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import jcuda.CUDA; income jcuda.driver.CUdevprop; income jcuda.driver.types.CUdevice;public class EnumDevices { public static void main(String args<>) { CUDA cuda = new CUDA(true); int counting = cuda.getDeviceCount(); System.out.println("Total number of devices: " + count); because that (int i = 0; i right here is the javac command:

javac -cp /home/manish.yadav/Desktop/JCuda-All-0.3.2-bin-linux-x86_64 EnumDevicesHow execute I translate in this program?


You at least need to include the .java expansion to the record name in this line:

javac -cp /home/manish.yadav/Desktop/JCuda-All-0.3.2-bin-linux-x86_64 EnumDevicesFrom the official faq:

Class names, "HelloWorldApp", room only welcomed if annotation handling is explicitly requested

If you get this error, friend forgot to encompass the .java suffix once compiling the program. Remember, the command is javac not javac HelloWorldApp.

Also, in your second javac-example, (in which friend actually had .java) you require to incorporate the all forced .jar-files needed for compilation.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

answered 5 month ago

I would likewise suggest using some sort of build tool (Ant or Maven, Ant is already suggested and also is easier to begin with) or an principle that handle the compilation (Eclipse uses incremental compilation through reconciling strategy, and also you don"t also have to care to press any "Compile" buttons).

Using Javac

If you require to shot something the end for a bigger project and don"t have any proper construct tools nearby, friend can always use a tiny trick that javac offers: the classnames to compile have the right to be stated in a file. Girlfriend simply need to pass the name of the file to javac through the

If you can create a perform of all the *.java documents in her project, it"s easy:

# Linux / MacOS$ discover -name "*.java" > sources.txt$ javac
sources.txt:: Windows> dir /s /B *.java > sources.txt> javac
sources.txtThe advantage is that is is a quick and also easy solution.The drawback is the you need to regenerate the sources.txt file each time you create a brand-new source or rename an present one paper which is basic to forget (thus error-prone) and also tiresome task.

Using a develop tool

On the lengthy run that is much better to usage a tool that to be designed to develop software.

Using Ant

If you produce a simple build.xml paper that defines how to build the software:

you have the right to compile the whole software by running the complying with command:

$ antThe advantage is that you space using a standard build tool the is basic to extend.The drawback is that you need to download, set up and also learn secondary tool. Keep in mind that many of the IDEs (like NetBeans and Eclipse) offer an excellent support because that writing construct files so you don"t have to download anything in this case.

Using Maven

Maven is not that trivial to set up and work with, but learning it pays well. Here"s a an excellent tutorial to start a job within 5 minutes.

It"s main advantage (for me) is the it handles dependencies too, so you won"t should download any more Jar files and also manage them by hand and also I found it an ext useful because that building, packaging and also testing larger projects.The drawback is the it has a steep discovering curve, and also if Maven plugins like to suppress errors :-) another thing is that fairly a the majority of tools additionally operate v Maven repositories (like Sbt for Scala, Ivy for Ant, Graddle for Groovy).

Using an IDE

Now the what could an increase your development productivity. There space a few open resource alternatives (like Eclipse and NetBeans, I like the former) and even commercial people (like IntelliJ) which are fairly popular and also powerful.

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They can control the project building in the elevator so girlfriend don"t have to deal with all the command line stuff. However, it always comes comfortable if you recognize what actually happens in the background so you have the right to hunt under occasional errors prefer a ClassNotFoundException.

One additional note

For larger projects, it is always advised to usage an concept and a construct tool. The former boosts your productivity, when the latter makes it possible to use different IDEs v the project (e.g., Maven can generate Eclipse project descriptors v a basic mvn eclipse:eclipse command). Moreover, having a job that deserve to be tested/built through a solitary line command is straightforward to introduce to new colleagues and into a consistent integration server for example. Item of cake :-)