The experiment well-known as Black hill College (BMC) began in 1933 in the Blue Ridge mountains of Western north Carolina. This exhibition highlights the Asheville arts Museum’s collection of design from BMC, prefer the rarely seen Gregory furniture, and also situates the in the paper definition of its influences and surroundings in ~ BMC.

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This exhibition, attracted from the Museum"s arsenal with added select loan from regional collectors and also institutions, explores works in a variety of media that speak come the vivid abstract experiment in American arts making during the center of the 20th century.

This exhibition presents Graves’s eight prints together the investment portfolio frontispiece and a page of Cuperman’s message to immerse visitors in the collaborative run of the tango.

This exhibition showcases a selection of collaborative an innovative works that emerged from nearly four decades of the mountain Lake Workshop series, a regime sited in rural southwestern Virginia.

Artist Walter B. Stephen contributed to Western north Carolina’s identity as a flourishing site for pottery production and also craftsmanship in the early on 20th century.

Allen & Barry Huffman have actually been collecting contemporary Southern people art because that the past 40 years. In ~ their arsenal are subsets of folk art including self-taught artists moved to share their messages, crafts because that the traveler market, and also southern pottery.
One of 2 inaugural exhibitions is Intersections in American Art, the major reinstallation and also reinterpretation that the Museum’s collection in a much-enlarged gallery space.
Art and artists frequently encourage united state to consider our ar in the world. Artworks in the Windgate structure Atrium and Museum Plaza carry many separate parts together to make a unified whole and also offer a selection of possibilities for exactly how to navigate ours physical human being on regional, national, and an international levels.
POP-UP EXHIBITION: The making of ceramic in north Carolina has a lengthy history. Native American potters are recognized to have actually made pots indigenous the begin of the 16th century, and also European colonizers of the 1700s come with knowledge of their regional ceramic techniques.
POP-UP EXHIBITION: This exhibition collectively demonstrates advancements in the timeless art that basketry. The artists’ conceptual media vary between organically dyed reeds, stoneware ceramic, woven wire and even hand-made paper.

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POP-UP EXHIBITION: feather Through: Glass native the Asheville art Museum considers glass together a medium of internal and external contemplation. This transparent glass works evoke a feeling of inner people made visible.