astro a50 mic not working xbox one

The Astro A50 series is among the most advanced ones available from Astro. It has a selection of different an effective headsets that are all an excellent in their very own way. Like most gaming headsets, these are equipped with integrated microphones which enable you to interact with her teammates in online games while also allowing players to shot out voice commands. The best component is the it’s additionally compatible through the Xbox One.

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The reason why this is such a good thing, in particular, is because not a the majority of third-party headsets + microphones have tendency to work properly v consoles. Yet this no a trouble with the Astro A50 or that is mic, together both the them work-related well. At least, this is the situation most that the time.

There have the right to be occasional troubles with the headset and also the microphone specifically. This includes the mic not working at every at times. If the Astro A50 mic is not working on Xbox One because that you either, here are some services to try.

Astro A50 Mic Not working on Xbox One

Unplug from Base

The first solution to shot is the most basic one here, i beg your pardon is to simply unplug the cord that the Astro A50 from the base. Yet there is a specific way this demands to it is in done for the mic to begin working again. Firstly, players should assign a party v the players that they intended to speak to and/or run the game that they setup to play.

Now unplug the device from the base and wait only a couple of seconds prior to plugging it ago in again. Your Xbox One should now be recognizing the Astro A50 without any issues and also the mic should work too because of this.

Switch to Xbox

Another thing to watch the end for are the two various modes the are accessible on the base station. The Astro A50 headset was made for PC and also Xbox gamers alike, and there are two various settings that have the right to be chosen depending on which of the 2 platforms that customers have.

Since you’re making use of the headphones on one Xbox One, make sure that the base terminal is toggled to Xbox. Merely keep the headset plugged in while utilizing them v the headset and just switch it to Xbox. Also if it’s already got the correct setting assigned, switch it to PC and then back to Xbox, as that can aid the console recognize the headset at times too.

Sync Headphones with Base

One an ext thing that can be done is trying to sync the Astro A50 headset v the base station that you have for the so that the device and its built-in microphone begin working properly. Doing for this reason is pretty easy.

Just organize down the red strength buttons on both till they start turning white. As soon as they are completely white, the syncing process will be complete. Plug the headset into the Xbox again and then shot to check out if the mic is working this time around.

Manually entrust Headphones

You might force the Xbox One to acknowledge your Astro A50 headset and sure that both the audio output as well as input through the microphone occupational perfectly. To carry out so, head on end to the settings of the console and shot to situate an option named “Kinect and also Devices”. Choose this option and also then try to find the settings for the headset from within the new menu that’ll show up on the screen.

Once you uncover the headset settings, click on the option and then assign the Astro A50 come a second account. Now log out of this 2nd account and the device will instantly be assigned come the first account. The microphone must be functioning without any type of problems ~ this.

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Firmware Update

The last equipment if all of the various other solutions failure is to simply update the firmware of your Astro A50, as that’s probably the factor behind this problem. To carry out so, just attach them to a windows or Mac computer and also then download the latest Firmware update for the particular A50 version you own through the official Astro site.