I already saw this question, but i didn"t discover my delight with the answers...

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I"m trying to carry out that:

var coll = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject>(json);coll = coll.OrderBy(a => a.tags).Distinct().ToList();Throws an error:

At the very least one object should implement IComparable.

For the moment i didn"t find the equipment so ns did that:

List category = brand-new List(); var coll = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject>(json);for (int i = 0; i It works yet i"m curious to recognize why the very first one don"t work.


My data come native a JSON :

"tags": < "Pantoufle", "Patate" > }, public list tags get; set;
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To stimulate a collection of things, there must be a means to to compare two things to determine which one is larger, or smaller sized or even if it is they room equal. Any c# form that implements the IComparable interface, provides the method to to compare it versus one more instance.

Your tags ar is a list of strings. There is no standard means to compare 2 lists the strings in the manner. The kind List does no implement the IComparable interface, and also thus cannot be supplied in a LINQ OrderBy expression.

If for example you wanted to stimulate the posts by the variety of tags, you might do that prefer this:

coll = coll.OrderBy(a => a.tags.Count).ToList();because Count will return an integer and also an creature is comparable.

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If you wanted to acquire all distinct tags in sorted order, you could do that prefer this:

var sortedUniqueTags = coll .SelectMany(a => a.Tags) .OrderBy(t => t) .Distinct() .ToList();because a string is comparable.

If you yes, really know exactly how to compare 2 lists the strings, you might write your own custom comparer:

public class MyStringListComparer : IComparer> // implementationand use it choose this:

var comparer = brand-new MyStringListComparer();coll = coll.OrderBy(a => a.tags, comparer).Distinct().ToList();