Attack top top Titan find heart and also hope as soon as it looks earlier at the confusing life and also decisions the Eren’s father, Grisha Jaeger.

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During Carla’s final moments, she tells Keith that she finally understands the some civilization need to be special and feel important, but that this shouldn’t be true in Eren’s case. She doesn’t require him to save the civilization or perform anything special. He’s already special for simply being born in this world and surviving. 

Curiously, Eren much more or less concurs through Keith’s assessment the he wasn’t special earlier then. Sure, he is turned right into a strong, pivotal fighter now, but three years ago he was a nobody who taken place to have actually a special father. He was only crucial in the paper definition of his dad and also Eren understands that that’s the lone factor he was providing his Titan strength in the first place. It’s helpful for Eren to finally get part closure ~ above his past and also who he offered to be. Every one of this will certainly surely inspire and push him harder as he move forward in the comes battle.

Keith’s dilemm of conscience over what to perform with Eren comes to a head in some fairly really brilliant dot connecting that charts ago to a moment in the show’s very very first season once Eren begins his training to end up being a Scout. During his training, his maneuvering devices malfunctions, however he still manages come maintain regulate of it. We learn that Keith actually sabotaged Eren’s belt therefore he wouldn’t accomplish his training and never go external the walls. That feels that if Eren heard his mother’s last words, climate he would never ever want to be on the survey Corps in the very first place. However, once he sees just how determined Eren is to do this happen, he decides come let him walk on with his life. In the present, Keith lastly does relay Carla’s words come Eren and also honestly castle carry more impact currently than if he had told him 3 years ago. 

“Bystander” may lose some viewers as result of the characters that the decides to emphasis on because that this story, however there’s a actual beauty in the parallels the this illustration addresses in between the past and also the present. Year ago, Keith was a bystander come Eren’s extreme will and also passion as soon as he overcomes his broken vertical maneuvering devices belt, similar to he self was ago during Grisha’s machinations and also decisions. Regardless of how for this reason much has changed, Keith realizes that he’s still just as shed as he’s constantly been and also that this story is not around him. “Bystander” offers satisfying answers to inquiries that not everyone may have actually been asking, yet it helps further flesh this world out and repositions Eren to effectively kick part ass in the show’s upcoming arc.

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