Attack on Titan ultimately gets to your biggest and oldest mystery as lock head into the Jaeger basement and also get mind-breaking answers

By Daniel Kurland | June 10, 2019 | | comment count:0

ThisAttack ~ above Titanreview has spoilers.

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Attack on Titan Season 3 illustration 19

“Eren, once I acquire home I’ll show you what’s in the basement the I’ve been keeping secret all this time.”

Series the revolve about one main mystery room a hell that a tightrope go to effectively maneuver. Once they work, the unreal, however there’s so much, arguably too much, riding top top what that big reveal will certainly be. There room other situations like Lost (or even How i Met your Mother), where the broad endgame that the series is known, but not the finer details follow me the way. This can an outcome in the display actively changing story to win in order to mesh with that overarching initial vision, i m sorry may eventually satisfy, yet can also hemorrhage viewers as it tries to get to the point.

Attack ~ above Titan isn’t purely around the an enig of the Jaeger basement, but it’s something it is been existing from the an extremely start, and also every solitary episode has actually Eren wearing the pivotal key around his neck. Attack on Titandangled this inquiry from the very an initial episode and after six years of waiting, not just are there finally answers, however they’re really an excellent answers. Prefer really good answers the make this excruciating wait for sure worthwhile and likewise something which totally redefines the entire series at the exact same time. However we’ll get to those in the basement in a minute.

“The Basement” opens with a lethargic very first half the feels like it purposely takes that is time and enables for pregnant pauses and lengthy character win to properly breathe, if only to playfully acquire under the audience’s skin. Attack ~ above Titan to know you desire answers and “The Basement” has fun at several points where it feels like possibly the series will proceed to withhold the an excellent stuff, just to lastly give in. Accordingly, the first half the the episode is greatly inconsequential and mostly reframes the mission at hand as the surviving members that the survey Corps march with Shiganshina ar to reach the Jaeger basement.

Armin’s brand-new Titan status, the truth that he spend Bertholdt, and also that the now has actually a lot much more responsibility top top his bowl is quickly reinforced, however this rate is much more interested in just how Eren comes to terms with seismic news, not Armin. The alarming how conveniently it feels like the clock is around to operation out throughout this episode, yet once their location is reached, “The Basement” fits one impressive, satisfying lot in its last ten minutes. This large news never ever feels rushed and also it gets to correctly take that time come sink in.

“The Basement” continues to mess through everyone as soon as Eren and company finally reach your destination. My heart sank once Eren’s key didn’t even fit the basement door, however then Levi perfectly defuses the situation and acts as the frustrated audience surrogate once he simply gets the door open up with brute force. It’s a really effective fake out and also the episode also resorts come it once more when Eren’s key opens a drawer in the basement, just for it come be completely empty. The is, until Levi realizes the drawer has a false bottom.

Grisha’s drawer contains three books and also it’s evaluate to see how much stress and anxiety there is in the direction of opening them. This is a big deal and also to provide Eren a second to evaluate the enormity of the instance is a pretty touch. It’s also really freaking sweet that Eren and Mikasa open up the publication up together and it unique encapsulates how much they’ve come from your childhoods together. The episode efficiently reminds everyone the Grisha was an important father figure for Mikasa, too. There’s part really great music by Sawano Hiroyuki here, and also during the scene as soon as everyone’s heading to the basement and time slips ago and forth with their childhood memories. It help these big moments feel even bigger.

I had always thought that the basement would certainly confirm that Grisha was performing Titan experiment on his family members or that he may even be responsible for their development in the very first place. What adheres to is instead much much more of a mindfuck. Zeke had warned Eren in the previous illustration that Grisha wasn’t totally truthful to his son, however the border of i beg your pardon he to be hiding info from not just his son, but all of Shiganshina District and also beyond, is much crazier 보다 anyone could imagine. Up till now, there’s been the assumption that Attack on Titan takes place in some alternating version of background that’s collection in the “past” and is without many of the customs and luxuries of contemporary life. Those learned in “The Basement,” is that supposedly the neighborhoods within the Walls room displaced from modernity, however the remainder of the civilization has continued to evolve. The people that live in ~ the Walls have been fed a lie whereby their world of hardships is the norm, yet in fact they’re just being preserved in an echo chamber of deception.

This is partially learned when Eren and agency discover a photograph that mirrors Grisha through an entirely different family, something that hits lot harder because nobody also knows what a photograph is. It’s occasionally easy come forget just just how pedestrian the modern technology is within this Walls, which provides the news that humanity is no extinct and also actually prospering in other places even much more colossal. It’s likewise extremely interesting to discover that Grisha seems to come native this booming economic climate full of modern technology and dirigibles and also then later on relocated within the Walls and also helped perpetuate this lied for part unknown reason.

This totality “the world’s luddite, however not really” twist has actually been played v in similar ways v a details M. Night Shyamalan film and a really recent anime that’s at this time airing on Adult Swim, but Attack top top Titan’s take is the most effect of the lot. Much like v Eren and also company, the audience has also been in the dark and also had a radically various view that the series’ human being up till this point. In those other examples, the news that the world is lot bigger and also different than initially imagined is quiet a gamechanger, yet now Attack on Titan has the rest of its collection to introduce and also comprehend this changes. There’s tho a lot much more to figure out about all of this, but the adhering to episode appears to heavily attribute flashbacks come Grisha’s youth external of the Walls, which will certainly surely administer some answers to this major bombshell.

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“The Basement” is a seriously thrilling illustration of attack on Titan that forever alters the course of the series. The payoff in the basement is very gratifying and also unexpected, yet the episode still allows for Armin and Hange to start to process Erwin’s death and the personal changes the await them as a result. There are additionally only nine enduring members that the inspection Corps, i beg your pardon is simply insane. This yes, really feels like the finish of an era because that the series and the triumphant win reel the plays over the end credits additional hammers this in. This would have actually made for a good place to end the season, however thankfully there are still three an ext episodes the this magic. Yes a whole lot the can happen in the time, choose a very awkward estranged household reunion, because that instance.