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AU wherein the finest firebenders, only the ones most in touch with Agni and also their within fire, are qualified of photosynthesis, not needing to eat human sustenance uneven they choose to. Other than there hasn’t been a recorded instance of this since before sozins time. Not even azula or ozai or iroh can. I beg your pardon is why zuko is so surprised when he simply randomly stops emotion hungry one day (please muffin, I’m begging you. I simply want to redeem myself after ~ accidentally help to spawn Kindling AU)


Are you… are you daring me to do photosynthetic Zuko provide you feels? due to the fact that that’s exactly how you obtain Zuko an initial starting to realize this if on that raft ~ the north Pole. That’s just how you acquire his hunger waning, and he’s reasonably sure that maybe he’s dying because he have to feel hungry, shouldn’t he? no feeling hungry at all is probably not… not…

But. But Uncle is older 보다 him and currently suffering so much from the lack of water, it’s been 2 days because the critical rain fall, so once Zuko manages to catch a fish if Uncle was sleeping

(Sleeping or unconscious and he couldn’t overcome the couple of feet between them to check due to the fact that what if this was the time that Uncle didn’t wake up once Zuko shook him–)

when he records the stupid fish he tells Uncle that actually recorded two, he currently ate his, stupid lazy old man simply take the Zuko isn’t hungry, no he will certainly not eat half.

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(Uncle’s stomach deserve to still growl.)

And somehow they make it to the colonies and neither of them are dead. Zuko… tho isn’t hungry.

He isn’t hungry once he’s traveling alone, and also he meets a boy called Lee and also (badly) fixes a roof and accepts just the bare minimum the food at your table, due to the fact that it’s clear that they’re hungry.

Other travelers wear class to save off the burn sun; the sheds his until he’s down to a slim sleeveless robe, and basks.

He isn’t hungry again until Ba song Se. Till shifts in ~ Pao’s tea shop, stuck inside from sunup come sundown, and also Uncle find him out ago hunched end his stomach and promises that things will obtain better, here, have the other half of his lunch, you’ve barely to be eating nephew–

(Zuko hadn’t known that he to be hungry till there to be food in his hand, and then he to be ravenous.)

When he goes to free the Avatar’s bison (how did the Avatar lose a bison) (how go the Avatar no realize the Dai Li to be behind every loss in this city), as soon as he watch it under in the lightless cave, growling and backing away as far as its chain allow, the revulsion hits him like hunger pains, the kind that stab and also twist. How dare lock lock it away in this too-small stagnant hole through the darkness pushing down–

He’s already freeing it when Uncle mirrors up, how did Uncle gain in here, well great because it’s not choose he can complimentary a bison and not totally free all the the actual human beings trapped under in this terrible place, if Uncle is below he deserve to help.

(Nephew when I claimed you were not reasoning this through and questioned whereby you would store a bison, that also applied to every one of these people–)

And then they run right into the Avatar and his gaggle of combat prodigies including Jet–

Could us not. Shot to stab each other. For five minutes?

Anyway, he’s done prison breaks v the Avatar before. And also Long Feng have the right to drop all the rocks he wants, they have actually the Dragon that the West through them. Turns out selective parts of Lake Laogai, namely the ones that were never supposed to be there, are highly flammable. With the applications of sufficient fire.

(Most things are.)

Zuko is starving by the moment they gain out. He doesn’t really remember acquiring ushered ~ above the bison by his Uncle, or the glares and/or bewilderment the Avatar’s people shoot at him. (Or the extra toothy smile Uncle has actually for Jet, that looks away v a grumbled knew you were firebenders.)

“Thank you, miss out on Katara,” Uncle smiles later, in a much various way, and brings a key of rice the end to his nephew in the courtyard next to their house.

The Avatar’s children (plus some flexibility Fighters) stare the end the window as Nephew Grumpy and Mildly Incoherent rolls away from his Uncle’s attempts come coax him right into eating, sprawling out in a job of sun.

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“Is someone going to explain why Prince Zuko is do not wear shirts in our courtyard?” Sokka asks, since someone has to. “Did long Feng gain him in the head?”

Appa lumbers over because that licks and also cuddles. Inexplicably do not wear shirts Prince shoves his huge head away, grumbling about six-ton furballs prevent his light.

“Oh,” Aang says, like something simply clicked. “He’s a Fire Lily!”

“…A what now.”

“He it s okay his energy right indigenous the sun!” over there is something both delighted and vaguely threaten in the Avatar’s expression once he states, with no regard because that the consent of the human he’s speaking on instead of of: “He’s mine firebending teacher.”

teach me your methods Sifu Flower I also wish to ascend past mere vegetarianism ...what did you call me and also why perform I feeling the should chase approximately the Avatar again (Sokka is suitable appalled that not just does the Prince no eat meat) (he doesn't really EAT) (proof hopeful that the guy is evil) Fire Lily AU photosynthesis Zuko due to the fact that WHY not Drama plant Zuko