Mondo's Avengers: Infinity war Comic-Con Poster is Breathtaking Mondo has actually revealed an Avengers: Infinity battle poster by artist Matt Taylor, which will be made accessible at the 2018 san Diego Comic-Con.

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for fans the the biggest and most heart-wrenching fight in the MCU to date, Mondo is releasing a brand-new poster for Avengers: Infinity War in ~ the 2018 mountain Diego Comic-Con. After practically a te of buildup, Marvel yielded on that promise of an ultimate showdown between the MCU’s mightiest heroes and also the mad Titan, Thanos. The new poster by artist Matt Taylor features every hero that fought against Thanos, in a format both dark and also stunning, much like the movie itself.

Infinity War damaged box office records and the mind of viewers previously this year. The film dominated theaters, setting an all-time high because that an opening weekend, and becoming the 4th film in history to with $2 exchange rate worldwide. Infinity war continued pulling pan to the theaters, even with competitors Deadpool 2 and also Solo: A Star battles Story quick on that heels.

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Marvel chin revealed Taylor"s dedicated Mondo poster come the civilization earlier today. The illustration manages to record every Avenger featured in Infinity War, i m sorry is no little feat, considering the size of the cast. The only Avenger no visible is Bruce Banner, who instead shows up to be within the Hulkbuster armor. Captain America, steel Man, and Thor - complete with his new weapon Stormbreaker - take facility stage. The rest of the Avengers space cleverly placed, your positions virtually reflecting the team ups top top Titan and Wakanda. Behind them every looms the foreboding existence of Thanos.

The 24-inch through 36-inch Infinity War poster pictured very first above will certainly be obtainable at Mondo’s SDCC booth top top Sunday, July 22, priced in ~ $80. A restricted time publish sporting an alternating orange and blue shade scheme will also go on sale on the very same day ~ above Mondo’s website for $60. The poster no the just Avengers goods the agency will display screen at Comic-Con. Mondo is also releasing a series of commemorative pins because that $10 each. The pins will feature personalities from Black Panther as well together Infinity War.

Following the disastrous ending the Infinity War, the can be fried fate that the Avengers hangs in the balance, through no one quite sure that will do it to the conclusion that Avengers 4. Due to the fact that Thanos has met multiple ends in the comics, over there are countless directions the Russo brothers can take to close out Phase 3, or they could go in a brand-new direction entirely. Considering exactly how many personalities who disappeared in the snap still have actually contracts come fulfill, fans can expect several of their favourite heroes come return, yet at what cost? audience will have to wait until 2019 to discover out.

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Source: Marvel (via CBR)

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